About the Proctors' Office

The Proctors' Office is the administrative base for three senior officers of the University who are elected annually by colleges.

The Senior Proctor and Junior Proctor make sure that the University operates according to its statutes. As well as being members of key decision-making committees, they deal with

  • university (as distinct from college) student discipline
  • complaints about university matters
  • the running of University examinations

They also carry out ceremonial duties, e.g. at degree ceremonies.

The Assessor is the third senior officer, responsible particularly for student welfare and finance.

The Proctors and Assessor are supported by two teams of staff. There is a secretariat, headed by the Clerk to the Proctors, and a body of full-time and part-time Proctors' Officers.

A booklet Essential Information for Students, produced by the Proctors and Assessor, is handed out by colleges to new students at the start of Michaelmas Term. This explains the role of the Proctors and Assessor and provides much useful information about welfare, support, recreation, examinations and University regulations. The booklet is available on line at Essential Information for Students. Links to the Code of Conduct for post exam celebrations and guidelines on dealing with drug misuse can also be found on this page.

For more information view the pages which can be accessed from the Index bar. The pages are - Contact Details, Student Support, Student Discipline, Complaints, Examinations, Student Clubs, Essential Information for Students.