The Proctors’ Office handles the following types of application, which are submitted by colleges on students’ behalf and decided on by the Proctors:

  • late submission (extensions) or non-submission of assessed coursework
  • missed examinations
  • dispensation from the academic dress regulations
  • student migration from one college to another
  • requests to live outside the residence limit
  • undergraduate dispensations from residence

The Proctors’ Office also handles applications for consideration of factors affecting performance received after the final meeting of examiners, which require a proctorial decision. All other factors-affecting-performance applications are handled by the Examinations and Assessments section of Student Registry, which also handles applications to the Proctors for alternative examination arrangements.

Information about all of the above types of application is set out in the University Student Handbook. Additionally, you can find information about the Examinations and Assessments section’s work, including alternative arrangements, on the Oxford Students website.

University Student Handbook

Oxford Students website (Examinations and assessments page) 

For advice or to make an application, please consult your college office.