Stream 3: Thinking creatively about your development

Below you will find further details about each of the sessions at the conference. Please make a note of the sessions you wish to attend from each of the three streams, and then go to Booking information to find out how to sign up. You can view a full timetable here.

Stream 1: Tackling major challenges

Stream 2: Making a difference 

Stream 3: Thinking creatively about your development 

Take charge of your own development – how to do an effective personal development plan

1.40 - 2.15pm 
Presenters: Anna Sanders and Hannah Boschen (Professional Development Advisers)
Lecture Theatre 2

Your personal development plan is exactly that: yours. Find out how you can craft your own personal development plan and use it to structure your own personal and professional development. Anna Sanders and Hannah Boschen will help you work out how you can get support from critical friends, your manager and your peers to craft your own personal development plan, based on what you have identified as your learning goals. You’ll also be encouraged to identify some creative options for learning solutions.

What could volunteering as a school governor offer you and your CV?

2.25 - 3pm 
Presenters: Adam Balzano (Governors for Schools) and Dr Jane Sherwood (a school governor and Director of the Oxford Learning Institute and the Language Centre)
Lecture Theatre 3
Find out more about what it means to volunteer as a school governor, and how it could support your career development and your CV. Adam Balzano gives an overview of the roles that governors perform and the impact that you could make. Dr Jane Sherwood will share her experience of what volunteering can offer in terms of personal and career development. This session would be ideal for anyone looking to contribute to their local community, and develop their skills in a volunteering role.

Being a departmental administrator; what’s involved and how could I make that move?

3.30 - 4.05pm
Presenters: Sharon Neal (Head of Professional Development) and Clare Wakeham (Professional Development Adviser)
Lecture Theatre 3
Thinking that your next career move might be into a department administrator role? Come along to this session and find out what’s involved. What do department administrators do and how do they find their way into those roles? What do you need in terms of experience and capabilities to become a successful department administrator? Ask the panel to find out whether being a DA is for you and how you can prepare yourself for a DA role.

How can I develop myself in my role through a staff apprenticeship?

4.15 - 4.50pm 
Presenters: Vanessa Howe (Head of Recruitment and Employee Development, Personnel Services) and Clive Shepherd (Apprenticeship Manager, Personnel Services)
Lecture Theatre 3
Did you know that apprenticeships are now open to staff in the University in the Work Learn Develop scheme? Find out more about training and qualifications that might be available to you. Apprenticeships are not just for school/education leavers. The introduction of the apprenticeship levy means that apprenticeships, often including professional qualifications, are open to existing staff. Vanessa Howe and Clive Shepherd from Personnel Services will explain what is on offer and how to apply.