Academic Reporting to Funders

Overview of Academic Reporting

Most funders require annual/or interim and final academic reports to be submitted to them describing activity on the funded project. Where funders require these to be 'signed off' by the University before submission, this can be arranged via Research Services. Some funders impose financial penalties if final reports are not submitted by the deadline given.  It is the grant holder's responsibility to ensure that such reports are submitted on time.  Any costs incurred for late or missing reports will be borne by the host Department.


The UK Research Councils, NIHR and a range of Medical Charities (including CRUK and BHF), have now moved towards annual submission of a range of outputs via the Researchfish system.  For the UK Research Councils this annual submission of outputs has largely replaced the traditional final and interim academic report, however some funders have retained the final academic report alongside the annual reporting of outputs.

If you are unsure about the particular reporting requirements of your funder please refer to your grant terms and conditions or to the funder direct. 

Monitoring the submission of Academic Reports in Departments

Departments should look to put in place a process to monitor the submission of Academic Reports for all research funders and to ensure that requirements are met on a timely basis. Such a process would require a diary or spreadsheet to be maintained that sets out the due date for all Academic Reports, and which can be used by the department as a tool to remind them of the impending deadlines and to record when submission has been completed.

The Department should look to engage with the PI as this date is approached to ensure that there are no issues likely to impact its timely submission. Where a delay is identified, the department should consider whether an extension is required and should engage with Research Services to agree with the funder.

Departments may wish to consider using the 'Portfolio' report available from Oracle as the basis of developing their 'tool'. This report will provide a full listing of all awards for the Department together with the announced end date on each award. This can then be enhanced manually in Excel to reflect when Academic Reports are due.