Research Committee and its sub-committees

Please see Research Committee's membership, meeting dates, and terms of reference.

The following sub-committees report to Research Committee:

Research Information Management and Technology Sub-Committee (RIMTS)

Knowledge Exchange and Impact Sub-Committee (KEISC)

Open Access Oxford Project Group

Intellectual Property Advisory Group

REF Project Board

Central University Research Ethics Committee (CUREC) [external link]

Innovation Implementation Leadership Group

John Fell Fund Committee (reports jointly to PRAC and Research Committee) [external link]

Graduate Panel (reports jointly to EC and Research Committee) [external link]

Other Committees and Working Groups

The importance of public investment in research

The following document has been drafted to start to collate some of the evidence and data that supports key messages around public investment in research.  It is a work-in-progress, and colleagues are invited to contribute suggestions / suggest deletions / comments etc.  Please send comments to

Please see Public investment in research (draft document) (30kb)