Director's Office

Management, planning, policy, departmental administration and operations, support for senior officers
Dr Glenn Swafford
01865 (2)80422
Mrs Regula Dent
Operations Manager
01865 (2)70143 
Mrs Edwina Ingrouille
EA to Director and Administrative Assistant
01865 (2)80789
Policy, operations and support related to the Innovation Strategy, knowledge exchange and regional partnerships
Dr Phil Clare
Associate Director and Head of Knowledge Exchange
01865 (2)70201 
Mrs Arija Crux
PA and Administrative Officer, Knowledge Exchange and Impact and Public Engagement with Research
01865 (2)70039  
Research policy, Research Committee and related groups, special projects, Researchfish 
Ms Elizabeth Beckett
Assistant Registrar (Research)
01865 (2)70043 
Mrs Kirsty Allen
Head of Research Evaluation & Impact and REF Programme Manager
01865 (6)11747
Ms Samantha Cooper
Administrative Officer John Fell Fund
Mr Tristan Eagling
Global Challenges Research Facilitator and Coordinator
01865 (2)80295
Ms Gracey Remmington
GCRF Project Officer
01865 (6)11747
Public engagement with research – planning, facilitation, coordination and strategic projects
Dr Lesley Paterson
Senior Facilitator and Coordinator, Public Engagement with Research
01865 (6)16571 
Mr Luke Caunt
01865 (2)80113