Costing and pricing

Costing measures introduced by PRAC, February 2016

Research Committee and PRAC have agreed on a number of important measures to increase the contribution of external research income to the University’s financial position.

What is the expected price?

All budgets included in external grant applications must be costed on a Full Economic Costs basis using X5, the University's costing and pricing tool.

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Information for researchers
FEC introduction
Preparing your budget
Research project time estimation
Pricing and negotiating research contracts with industry
Pricing research for UK government departments
Research Councils and Equipment Funding
Information for administrators
FEC inflation and exchange rates
How to cost a research project:
 - Directly Incurred (DI) costs
 - Directly Allocated (DA) costs
 - Indirect costs
 - Costing postgraduate studentships
Research Councils and Equipment Funding
Guidance on award types