Funding for Early Career Researchers

If you will shortly be completing your PhD, or have joined the University as a new post-doctoral fellow or an early career researcher, there are a number of internal and external schemes designed to help you with funding during the early years of your career, and to help in setting up a research group.

Please remember that you should liaise with your Departmental Administrator when costing and preparing a grant application and that all applications for external research funding must first be approved by the relevant Head of Department and then (except for applications for less than £20k with no associated staff costs) endorsed on behalf of the University by Research Services, before they can be submitted to the sponsor.

Please submit grant applications to Research Services at least 5 working days before the sponsor’s deadline.

Finding early career funding opportunities on

All members of the University have access to the funding opportunities email alerting service and comprehensive searchable database at

Create your own searches

Please read our RP quick start guide (109kb) and RP funding search guide (403kb).

You can also find out how to export funding opportunity deadlines automatically into your Outlook Calendar or share online calendars you have created with other colleagues. For further information please see our RP calendar guide (310kb)

Please see our Research Professional page for further details, including information about hands-on training and online demos as well as short YouTube video tutorials.

Browse workgroup pages

Workgroup pages contain saved searches and saved folders of selected funding opportunities. Workgroups exist for each division and for some departments, research groups or theme.

A selection of funding opportunities relevant to early career researchers has already been set-up on each of the divisional workgroup homepages (and some sub-workgroup homepages).

ResearchProfessional workgroup searches / e-mail alerts

You will be able to save these general early career funding searches into your own ResearchProfessional account, and by selecting 'Save' and then 'Shortcut and alert' you can choose to receive weekly e-mail alerts for these searches. (Please note you will need to log-in first.)

ResearchProfessional workgroup folders of funding opportunities

These early career funding opportunities have been specially selected ('bookmarked') by divisional workgroup editors. (Please note you will need to log-in first.)

Internal opportunities

Career Development Fellowships

Advertised on a departmental basis and on the Research section of the Oxford University jobs listing. The CDF scheme was set up to attract and retain high quality post-doctoral students to the University. All CDFs are invited to take courses at the Oxford Learning Institute.

Junior Research Fellowships

These posts are generally affiliated with particular colleges, and are advertised via their websites, but also usually appear in the Research section of the University job site.

Scholarships and Prizes

These can be found on the University's Fees and Funding web pages.

Disclaimer and Research Services aim to give the correct information about these opportunities, however, please always check the sponsor's website as details can change, for example the deadline dates.