How to make an application

1. Application process

Applications to the John Fell Fund should be made via the new John Fell online system at this link. The application process will be in two parts and will require (i) that you complete an online application form for Part 1 and (ii) upload a 'Part 2 case for support' template in PDF format.  A lay summary and financial breakdown will also be required in the online application form.

The second part of the application will require that you upload the 'Part 2 - Case for Support' template available for download and preparation below:

Part 2: Case for support: Part 2 Case for Support Template_JF (36kb)

 2. Clarification notes for completion of application forms

Field nameNotes

Start and end dates

  • Start and end dates are required for every project. If the project is entirely for equipment, please give expected start/end of delivery/installation (the same date for start and end may be given if appropriate).
  • Please note that the start date should be at least three months after the application closing date.
  • The project end date must be before the expiry date of your post (if appropriate).

Early career researcher

Applicant who is in the early stages in their research and within their first five years in post as an independent researcher. For more details see FAQs. Please ensure that a one-page CV is attached (see below for details).

Support related to current bids for external funding

Normally matching funds, usually in the form of a contribution towards a proposal that is about to be submitted to an external sponsor in order to enhance the chances of success: in such cases any award will be contingent on the success of the external bid.

Ethical Review

If your project requires ethical review you must obtain a CUREC number before your project can start. If you have a CUREC number approved for this project already, please provide it on the relevant section of the application form. For further information please see

Applications that do not supply the information requested, or that exceed the page limits stated in the application form, will not be considered.

Please email with any queries about the scope of the scheme or application procedure.

The Division will in a separate statement give a list of all bids for main awards in order of divisional priority for funding irrespective of category, and comment on how each application dovetails with the Division or other unit's five-year plan; it is expected that Divisions will give particular priority to applicants in the early stages of their research careers.