After an award is made

Accounting Arrangements

Accounting arrangements are set out in the Financial Planning and Reporting section of the Finance Division website.

Award Conditions

It is a condition of all grants, underwriting and loans that applicants submit reports on the use of the award and the extent to which the research it has funded has fulfilled its objectives and expected outcomes. A reporting tool has been incorporated into the online system and is designed to become available to successful applicants six months after the end date of the project.  Report submission is exclusively via this mechanism. 

It is also a condition of any award that expenditure begins within nine months of the project start date, and that any funds remaining after the project end date are returned to the fund. If you encounter unavoidable delays, you may request an extension by completing the extension form accessed via your 'Manage Applications' menu here. Unless an extension is granted, any award that has not incurred expenditure within nine months of the start date will revert to the fund.

Because of the large number of applications normally received, it is not possible to provide individual feedback on applications.

Previous Awards

Summary lists of all awards made from the Fund to date are available to view. Please select the relevant academic year and term from the links on the right of this page.

Details about the allocation of the John Fell Fund in 2015/16 are given in the John Fell OUP Research Fund - Annual report 2015-16 (646kb)

Final reports and extensions

Applications for extensions to John Fell awards should be made via the online system, accessed using your SSO, using the 'Request Extension' tool, accessed using the button alongside your award listing on 'My Applications and Awards'. Extensions must be approved by your departmental approver before being reviewed by the John Fell Secretariat. Final reports should be submitted six months after the award end date using the ‘Final report’ button.  Please avoid commas or other punctuation in fields requesting amounts and round any figures entered to the nearest pound.