Human participants in research

The University of Oxford is committed to ensuring that its research activities involving human participants are conducted in a way which respects the dignity, rights, and welfare of participants, and which minimises risk to participants, researchers, third parties, and to the University itself.

In accordance with its policy on research activities involving human participants, the University requires that all such research be subject to ethical review.    

The Central University Research Ethics Committee (CUREC) has overall responsibility for the development of this policy and for the University’s ethical review process.  Further information on this process can be found on the CUREC website.

Some research funders (notably the US National Institutes of Health) require all researchers involved in research involving human participants to undergo appropriate training (and provide evidence of having completed this).

To comply with this requirement, researchers can complete a free online training module, for example:

Both courses require the user to register a new account with the provider and, upon completion of the course, a certificate of completion will be supplied.