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NERC guidance from Research Services

Guidance from Research ServicesLast updated
NERC Reponsive Mode July 2017: guidance for applicants (147kb) 28-Mar-2017
NERC Independent Research Fellowships Guidance 2016 (270kb)    2-Sep-2016
Meeting RCUK Open Access requirements at Oxford   
Research data management funder requirements at Oxford  

Selected RS News and Guidance from Funder

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RS News and funder guidanceLast updated
NERC: opportunity to join the Strategic Programme Advisory Group 29-Jun-17 
NERC: Science Board nominations invited 18-May-17
NERC: response to the industrial strategy consultation 27-Apr-17
NERC: new areas for strategic research 23-Feb-17
NERC: annual impact report 02-Feb-17
NERC: environmental data centres survey  24-Nov-16
NERC: Joint Capital Advisory Group appointments 24-Nov-16
NERC: new Science Board members appointed 03-Nov-16
NERC: Strategic Programme Advisory Group appointments 13-Oct-16 
NERC: Science Board nominations invited  22-Sep-16 
NERC: services and facilities consultation  22-Sep-16 
NERC: new public engagement focus and strategy 04-Aug-16
NERC: call for applications to join Strategic Programme Advisory Group 30-Jun-16
NERC: new call for ideas for strategic research 25-Feb-16 
NERC: New director for science and innovation 05-Feb-16
NERC Chief Executive reappointed 14-Jan-16

Electronic Submission Systems and Processes

 System and Processes
Je-S Je-S log-in page
Application Process on Je-S (incl. how to create an account)
Tips for Completing the X5 Costing
Guidance for Departmental Approvers, Peer Review and Monitoring Applications
Offer Acceptances and Start Certificates
Grant Maintenance
Academic Reporting to Funders
Je-S Handbook
Researchfish Researchfish log-in page
About Researchfish

Background information on the NERC

Funder's website
Funding Guide See Forms and Handbooks to all NERC funding opportunities
NERC funding opportunities On the NERC website
NERC Research Income at Oxford 2013/14: Oxford received £7.6M  (12th largest research funder of the University)
Applications and Award Activity at Oxford 2014/15: 89 applications submitted to the value of £31.1M. 44 new NERC awards accepted worth £10.1M, including financial amendments to existing awards (University financial year Aug-Jul)
Success Rates 2014/15 - by volume of applications (excl. Research Fellowship applications)
National average: 25%. Oxford: 33%. (NERC financial year Apr-Mar)