Q5: Communication & Competence

Question: How does you department identify training needs and ensure everyone is informed and suitably trained in health and safety procedures?

In order to ensure risks are adequately managed it is important that the skills, knowledge and experience required to safely carry out the work is identified prior to any work taking place.  If the individual does not have the prerequisite skills, knowledge or experience, then this should be assessed during their initial induction and developed, as necessary, through their training.  The competence, training and instruction of other workers should also be considered, such as visitors and contractors, so that unknown risks are not introduced.

Training should be provided through written and verbal communications, along with demonstrations and supervision.  Where written information is provided, in the form of handbooks, risk assessments, local rules, systems of work etc. then this should be clear, up to date and in a format that is easily accessible.

Individuals should know where to obtain advice on health and safety.  They must have access to a suitable Departmental Safety Officer, along with other specialist advisors as deemed relevant to the hazards and risk within a department.

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