Casella 63x Sound Level Meter

Casella 63x Sound Level Meter


The CEL-63x series is a family of noise meters . These are powerful measurement tools to support a wide range of industrial, health and safety, and environmental noise measurement requirements.

The CEL-63x instrument uses the latest digital signal processing technology to provide a full range of functions, including integrating and real-time octave and 1/3-octave band analysis.

The CEL-63x instrument uses a colour TFT screen to show a range of information, including operating menus and messages, warnings, and the results of measurements. The screen is clear and easy to read under all ambient lighting conditions, including total darkness.

Measurements captured by the CEL-63x instrument conform to international standards for acoustic measurement. The measurements are saved automatically in high-capacity internal Flash memory.

These can be used for simple one off hand held measurements and basic reassurance measurements or set up and left to record longer periods for doing full noise assessments of a workplace. Recordings can be analysed at the safety office to give detailed information on longer time period measurements to help with decisions on hearing protection.

Cirrus Noise Dosimeter

Cirrus Noise Dosimeter

Currently NOT AVAILABLE (March 2015)

The CIRRUS doseBadge is a personal noise dosimeter used for personal noise exposure measurements.  It is used to measure, store and calculate the parameters essential for compliance with the Noise at Work Regulations including LAeq, LCPeak & LEP,d.

In addition, the doseBadge will store the individual’s time history, or noise profile, throughout the measurement.

The doseBadge is a compact design which is worn on the test subject’s lapel, close to the ear. There are no cables, controls or displays and the microphone, battery and electronics are all housed in a lightweight metal case which is robust enough to withstand being dropped or knocked, and small enough not to be a nuisance to the wearer, or to impede the individual’s normal work.

It usually takes around 90 minutes to charge the doseBadge, with typically 30 hours of battery life. However, when not in use the badges should always remain on the charging unit.

The dBLink software is supplied with the doseBadge and this software has been designed to be simple to use. Measurements are easily downloaded and reports created quickly with simple or comprehensive options available. dBLink is supplied free from any licencing restrictions and can be installed onto as many PC’s as needed without having to purchase additional copies.

CEL-450 Real Time Sound Meter


 Missing August 2014

The primary role of the CEL-450 model is an occupational hygiene instrument. The CEL-450 has a single 140dB measurement range, with a choice of broadband or octave band analysis.

In broadband mode it will automatically calculate noise exposure (Lepd) during workplace noise assessments. The information will help decide on the level of hearing attenuation that may be required and therefore the correct selection of hearing protection in the given workplace.

More detailed assessment of the frequencies of noise an employee is exposed are possible using the octave band function.  In frequency analysis mode the instrument measures all the bands simultaneously in real-time, making for fast and accurate results.

The CEL-450 will also measure time history profiles of noise, that show how the noise climate has changed over time. The stored results can then be downloaded, and displayed on the dB23 software.

The CEL-450 has a large 2Mb memory capable of storing over 800,000 data points, and the software package allows for graphical reporting, graphing and analysis functions.


  •   General workplace noise surveys
  • Automatic calculation of noise exposure
  • Measurements for the selection of hearing protection
  • Machinery noise tests
  • Time history of noise levels

CEL 254 Sound Meter

CEL 254 noise meter

The CEL-254 digital sound meter is a very simple and straight forward instrument to use for anyone new to noise measurements. Essentially this is a basic ‘point and shoot’ unit.

The CEL-254 can be used for a wide variety of tasks including simple noise surveys in ‘noisy’ areas, to assess compliance with the Noise at Work Regulations, and to do basic noise control work.

Both steady noises and variable noises with single impacts can be measured with the unit using MAXimum hold function to capture the highest level of a source.

Two wide measurement ranges cover all noise levels between 30 and 135 dB(A) and SLOW, FAST and IMPULSE responses are available. The SLOW response setting is most suitable for steady noise sources since it smoothes the fluctuations and makes the readings easier to view.  The FAST setting more closely follows the variability of more rapidly changing noise levels and the IMPULSE setting can be used for specialist applications that require a faster response for impact noise studies.

The unit has two frequency weightings, ‘A’ and ‘C’, which cover most applications. The ‘A’ weighted noise level is used for most readings, while the ‘C’ frequency weighting allows the meter to be used for assessments of the basic frequency distribution of noise in industrial situations, assisting with the selection of hearing protection.

The CEL-254 is versatile and can tackle many types of noise source to provide an accurate measurement of the source.