TSI Portacount Fit Tester

TSI Portacount Fit Tester


Not all tight fitting respirators are suitable for all users, due to different facial characteristics, but a tight seal is essential for the user to have appropriate respiratory protection.

The TSI PortaCount is a quantitative fit test instrument for verifying an effective seal to the face for any tight-fitting respirators, and replaces the previous error-prone qualitative fit testing method.

During the test a particle generator builds up the number of particles in the room where the fit test is being done, and the number of ambient particles is counted. The person being tested will don a respirator and a sampling tube from the Portacount apparatus will then measure the number of particles inside the face-piece. The test requires the individual to undertake a number of exercises during the test which emulate normal activity while the respirator is being worn. The ratio of ambient particles to those inside the respirator is known as the fit factor. The higher the fit factor the greater the level of protection.

Different respirators will have different PASS/FAIL levels according to the specification of the respirator, and the fit factor they should achieve. A consistent fail may indicate that the model being tested is inappropriate for the user and that an alternative should be sought. However, a fail may also indicate problems when donning the respirator and therefore assist the user with training. A real-time function will allow the user to see the effect of an ill-fitting respirator on the fit factor and therefore their protection.

The Portacount comes with FitPro™ Fit Test software and can be used with an external computer to generate reports and print fit test cards.

The Portacount is suitable for:

  • Disposable filtering-facepieces such as FFP3/HEPA respirators
  • Half masks
  • Full-face masks
  • Gas masks
  • SCBA masks

Fit testing of FFP2 respirators is also possible but an additional piece of equipment is required. This is the N95 Companion.

N95 Companion

N95 companion

The N95-Companion works with the PortaCount unit to allow face fit testing of FFP2 disposable respirators and facepieces. You can switch back and forth between different respirator types in minutes.

The easy-to-use Fit Test software, which comes with every PortaCount, automates the fit test, prints the results and maintains a database for permanent record keeping and report generation.