Q10: Future Development

Question: How does your department ensure health and safety is seen as an integral part of the department's overall objectives and decision making?

It is important that health and safety is integrated into the general business decisions within a department, so that suitable control measures can be implemented at an appropriate time.  If control measures are not implemented, it may lead to unnecessary exposure of individuals to uncontrolled risks and can also result in excessive costs to rectify problems or even restrictions on activities if legislative requirements are not met.

Departments should therefore consider the implications of health and safety management at all levels of the department.  Changes in research or teaching can introduce new or novel hazards.  The introduction of less experienced individuals or a reduction in staff levels might increase the risk associated with existing hazards.  Reduction in departmental funding might have an effect on the type and effectiveness of control measures selected.  Appropriate and regular consideration of health and safety by all individuals, especially senior managers and supervisors, can ensure these issues are addressed to prevent costly incidents from occurring.

Finally, it is the policy of the University to adopt all reasonably practicable measures to commit to continuous improvement in the management of health and safety.  This self-assurance exercise, along with the outcome of risk assessments, incident investigations, inspections, audits and any safety discussions, should identify where those improvement can be made.  Departments should therefore consider these findings and prioritise actions for the forthcoming year.

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