First Aid

 Plaster first aid

The policy S4/14 describes the arrangements departments must put in place to give immediate help to those who may, for any reason, fall ill or be injured at work. It covers the assessment of first aid needs, provision of first aid personnel and equipment, and training.

The law requires employers to make adequate and appropriate first aid provision. Because of the diversity of working environments in the University, departments must make their own needs assessments and determine what is adequate and appropriate to their circumstances.

The minimum provision for any department is

(a)       a suitably stocked first aid container

(b)       an Appointed Person to take charge of first aid arrangements

(c)       information for employees on first aid arrangements.

In low risk environments, such as office-based departments employing small numbers of people, there is unlikely to be a need for more than the minimum provision. For larger departments, or those engaged in higher risk activities, then further provision will be required and the checklist in Appendix 1 should be used to help with the assessment.

A telephone should always be available for making 999 calls (any telephone on the University network can do this regardless of barring arrangements).

First Aid Training

The University encourages all departments to arrange instruction in basic emergency first aid for employees. The "Workplace Resuscitation" courses are provided by fully-qualified and experienced Oxford College of First Aid trainers. Workplace resuscitation courses cover the following aspects of first aid:

  • Incident management;
  • The unconscious casualty;
  • Mouth to mouth ventilation (CPR).

This course will run on request. Individuals or groups should contact the Safety Office to register their interest. When there are 12 participants a course will be arranged, usually in the department with the most participants, and those on the list will be notified.

Please contact the Safety Office at

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 First Aid Signage

First Aid signage is available from the Safety Office.