Control Measures

The British Standard of control for the normal operation of lasers is given in Appendix 9. These minimum requirements must be met.

Where an assessment identifies a specific risk with the laser system, then a hierarchy of control must be followed. For non-beam hazards these are outlined within individual University Policy Statements. For beam hazards, the preferred starting point for all lasers is fully enclosed with fixed guarding.

If a risk assessment identifies that it is not practical to fully enclose the laser at all times, then it must be justified within the assessment and a suitable combination of engineering, administrative and personal protective controls identified. In any event, the use of personal protective equipment must always be the last option and if it is necessary, there must be clear administrative controls to ensure it is correctly applied.

It is important to identify controls that are not overly complicated. A balance needs to be met between ensuring the safety of individuals and avoiding making procedures so complicated that they are difficult to apply. Equally, it is important to avoid introducing confusing arrangements, such as the use of personal protective equipment where the risk from a beam is either unlikely or of inadequate power (e.g. use of Class 1 or 2 lasers).




Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)