Laser Safety Training

Only suitably trained individuals are permitted to work with open beam lasers. The supervisor must identify the appropriate level of training required and outline these requirements within the relevant local rules. Where a level of risk differs depending upon various laser operations (e.g. during alignment), then additional training requirements must also be outlined within the rules.

Laser Users must be authorised by their supervisor before operating a laser and an individual training record must be maintained. The Laser User Authorisation/Training Record (LS-4) can be used for this purpose - See downloadable forms. The training record must give an indication of the competency of an indivdual, as assessed by their supervisor. This includes individuals who have received training in other departments or establishments. Consideration must also be given to the competency of visitors and contractors before permitting access to lasers.

As a starting point, all users of open beam lasers must undertake the University's Introduction to Laser Safety course - details of which are provided in the link below. the following links also provide information on other available courses, as well as supporting videos and presentations.


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Laser Safety Training

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