Q8: Leadership & Review

Question: How does your department ensure those with authority are committed to controlling risk and preventing harm to people?

Those who have the authority over activities and resources are best placed to make decisions upon suitable control measures.  Resources should therefore be allocated according to risk priorities.  To ensure continued compliance with University policies, and hence the law, these individuals, namely supervisors, should be actively engaged in identifying risks and instigating suitable controls at the earliest opportunity.

As the Head of Department is ultimately responsible for the health and safety within their area of control, they must receive reports outlining their department’s health and safety performance, such that they are able to make informed decisions.  There should also be systems for escalating significant problems so that the Head of Department is involved in any decision making.  The Head of Department is also expected to provide assurance of their department’s performance to the Vice-Chancellor by arranging for various reports to be submitted to the University Safety Office. 

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