11. Departmental action

a)         Departments should note that University personnel are not permitted to work with any form of asbestos. With few exceptions, only a licensed contractor may carry out work with asbestos, and only then with the approval of the Safety Office.

b)         Departments should be aware of the location of known ACMs in their buildings; the asbestos register is available on the Estates Services’ web application FacilityNet (Planon). The University has a duty to warn staff or contractors of the presence of asbestos, so that those intending to work near it can take proper precautions to avoid accidental damage or disturbance.

c)         Planning for repairs, refurbishments, and maintenance should include consideration of the possibility of disturbing previously undiscovered asbestos during the course of the work. In some cases, an asbestos survey will need to be carried out as part of the planning process, especially where any demolition work is contemplated. The responsibility for ensuring that planning and/or surveys are carried out may lie with individual departments or with Estates Services, depending on who is in control of the work.

d)         Departments should report any new discoveries of asbestos to Estates Services, so the asbestos register can be updated and any necessary action taken. Any damage to, or deterioration of, asbestos should also be reported without delay so that remedial action can be taken.

e)         Departments should keep records of the location of laboratory equipment containing asbestos and amend them following removal or disposal of the equipment. Copies of these records should be sent to the Safety Office annually.

f)      Laboratory equipment containing asbestos should be disposed of intact, either in the asbestos skip or by a licensed contractor.