4. Record keeping and risk assessment - the asbestos register

a)         Asbestos in the fabric of buildings

 Estates Services is responsible for maintaining a record of asbestos in the fabric of University buildings and this is available on their web pages. This record (the asbestos register) is the result of a management survey carried out by a licensed asbestos contractor and/or Estates Services’ asbestos monitoring surveyors. The main purpose of the management survey is to locate, as far as reasonably practicable, the presence and extent of any ACMs that could be damaged or disturbed during normal occupation of the building, including any foreseeable maintenance or installation, and includes an assessment of the condition of the materials. Survey results are updated at least annually and amended whenever asbestos is newly discovered, or when it is repaired or removed. Departments must notify Estates Services where they suspect asbestos containing materials have been found and the Safety Office should be consulted if there is doubt over identification.

 Asbestos is difficult to identify without laboratory analysis and poor sampling technique may result in uncontrolled release of fibres from ACMs. Only competent persons (e.g. a licensed asbestos contractor, one of the Estates Services’ asbestos monitoring surveyors, a UKAS accredited laboratory, or the Safety Office) are permitted to take samples for asbestos analysis.