9. Removal or encapsulation of asbestos

Where asbestos is discovered in the fabric of a building, or where it might be disturbed in the course of a job, then Estates Services (in consultation with the Safety Office) will decide whether it should be removed or encapsulated. Any work on the ACM must be registered with the Estates Services’ technical clerk, who will issue an asbestos checklist that must be returned at the end of the project to ensure the asbestos register is kept up to date. All such work will be dealt with under the procedure outlined in the appendix to this Policy Statement.

 The responsibility for meeting the costs of the works is as follows (see Buildings Committee paper BC(87)5):

 a)      where previously unknown asbestos in an unsafe state is discovered, or where an ACM has been accidentally damaged, the University Safety Office will meet the cost

 b)      where Estates Services carries out scheduled work that involves disturbing known ACM, they will meet the cost

c)      where work involving disturbance of known ACM is carried out at departmental request, the department must meet the cost.