The Regulations require all clients to provide pre-construction information to every designer and contractor appointed, or considered for appointment, to projects. This will help inform the construction phase plan.

The principal designer must prepare a health and safety file for projects involving more than one contractor. The file is intended to ensure that any future work on the finished project (including cleaning, maintenance, alterations, refurbishments and demolition) can be carried out safely. The Director of Estates will hold copies of health and safety files and is responsible for updating them after any additional work or surveys and for providing operating manuals for departmental use.

Where circumstances deem it necessary, the Director of Estates Services will ensure that a project safety review is carried out in consultation with the Director of the University Safety Office within six months of completion of any major project, The project review team will include representatives of University Estates Services, the University Safety Office, the principal designer and the principal contractor and will consider:

 (a)           whether adequate pre-construction information was provided

 (b)           compliance with relevant standards

 (c)           incident, accident, ill health and data for the project

 (d)          any action taken, or required to be taken, to address shortcomings.

 The representative of Estates Services will chair the project health and safety review and make a record of the proceedings.

Although the Regulations came into force on 6 April 2015 and apply to all building projects from that date, transitional arrangements allow for a CDM Coordinator appointed before that date to continue in that role (i.e. fulfilling the duties of a CDM Coordinator under the 2007 Regulations) until a principal designer is appointed. A principal designer must be appointed by 6th October 2015 unless the project comes to an end on or before that date. Where the construction phase has already started and a CDM Coordinator has not yet been appointed, then the client must appoint a principal designer as soon as possible.

Pre-construction information, construction phase plans and health safety files provided under CDM 2007 will meet the equivalent requirements under the new Regulations. Any project notification under CDM 2007 is recognised as a notification under CDM 2015 and any principal contractor appointed under CDM 2007 will be considered as a principal contractor under CDM 2015.