The Regulations do not just affect the work of the University Estates Services but apply to all construction projects, large or small, including:

 (a)           new building construction

 (b)           new services installations (all services, including IT and AV installations, not just electrical and mechanical services)

 (c)           alterations, maintenance, or renovations of a building or any of its services (including redecoration)

 (d)          site clearance

 (e)           demolition.

 Any department managing its own small projects or carrying out its own repairs or alterations will be subject to the Regulations and should be aware of the onerous legal requirements to engage competent persons and to provide adequate time and financial resources for the work. Departments should also be aware of the University’s policy on the control of contractors (S6/08).

 In the case of larger projects, where a construction project involves more than 30 working days with 20 workers on site or exceeds 500 person days, then there is an additional requirement to notify the HSE. The Director of Estates Services will decide whether notification is needed and ensure that it is made.