The following groups (which contain almost everyone involved in construction work) have duties under these regulations in relation to all construction projects. In this context a “project” includes, or is intended to include, construction work and includes all planning, design, management or other work involved in a project until the construction phase ends.

 (a)           Client (all projects): any person for whom a project is carried out.

 (b)           Principal Designer: a designer appointed in writing by the client on projects involving more than one contractor.

 (c)           Designer: someone who, as part of their work, prepares or modifies designs relating to any structure, or to any product or mechanical or electrical system intended for a particular structure; or someone who arranges for, or instructs others, to do this.

 (d)          Principal Contractor: the principal contractor is a person or an organisation that coordinates work on the construction phase of any project involving more than one contractor. Their role is to plan, manage, and coordinate activities to ensure health and safety while construction work takes place.

 (e)           Contractor: those individuals or businesses involved in construction, alteration, maintenance, or demolition work (e.g. building, civil engineering, mechanical, electrical, demolition and maintenance companies, as well as partnerships and the self employed).

 (f)            Workers: all those who carry out work during construction, alteration, maintenance, or demolition (e.g. bricklayers, scaffolders, plumbers, electricians, and painters).