Where more than one contractor is involved with a project then the client must appoint a principal designer, who must have:

 (a)           technical knowledge relevant to the project

 (b)           the skills, knowledge and experience to understand, manage and coordinate the work of the preconstruction phase, as well as any design work carried out during the construction phase

 (c)           the organisational capability to carry out this role (where a company has been appointed as the principal designer).

 The principal designer will:

 (a)           plan, manage, monitor and coordinate health and safety during the project’s pre-construction phase

 (b)           provide information needed by designers, contractors and others to eliminate or control foreseeable risks during the construction phase

 (c)           ensure designers carry out their duties

 (d)          prepare a health and safety file containing the information needed to enable future cleaning, maintenance, and alterations to be carried    out safely.