Information, instruction and training

Departments must provide those working with hazardous substances with the information contained in the COSHH assessments and SOPs relating to their work. Where appropriate, they must also be provided with information about the health surveillance process (including the purpose of health surveillance, their duty to attend for health surveillance on the appointed date and the arrangements for access to their health records).

Departments must also provide instruction and training so that workers know:

(a) when and how to use the control measures provided.

(b) how to use PPE, and especially RPE, correctly (e.g. how to fit and remove gloves and how long to use disposable gloves and masks before they must be replaced).

(c) how to clean and store reusable PPE, including RPE.

(d) how to act in an emergency involving hazardous substances (e.g. how to deal with a spill, or any specific first aid measures to be taken if there is a personal exposure).