Use and maintenance of control measures

If they are to be effective, control measures must be properly used and departments must have adequate supervision arrangements in place to ensure compliance. Workers also have a duty to use control measures properly and to report any defects (in equipment, PPE or working practices) to their supervisor.

Control measures also need to be maintained to ensure they are still effective.

(a) Users should check before use that there is an inward airflow to their LEV (e.g. by using a tissue or ribbon tell-tale), or that any displays or indicators provided on the equipment are confirming proper operation.

(b) LEV must be maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

(c) LEV must be thoroughly examined and tested at least annually by a competent person. The examination and test should ensure that the equipment can meet its intended operating performance for controlling hazardous substances

(i) In the case of ducted fume cupboards, this service is provided through the University Estates Service.

(ii)  In the case of microbiological safety cabinets, regular tests are the responsibility of the department, which must be carried out according to the University’s Biological Safety Policy using a competent contractor.

(iii) In the case of other LEV, a thorough examination and test is provided through the University’s Insurance Section. Departments are responsible for ensuring that the Insurance Section has up to date information about the inventory of equipment that needs testing.

(d)  Where RPE (other than disposable RPE) is provided, then this must also be maintained, examined, and tested according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.