What do the COSHH Regulations require?

(a) The Regulations set out a number of duties on employers. Heads of departments must comply with these duties in respect of work activities that are under their control. The following paragraphs indicate the actions required and more detailed guidance can be found in sections 6-11.

(i) Assess the risks to workers (and others likely to be affected by the work) from hazardous substances present or generated in the workplace (section 6).

(ii)  Prevent, or adequately control, the exposure to hazardous substances of workers and others likely to be affected by the work (section 7).

 (iii)  Ensure that any control measures identified, including engineering controls and personal protective equipment (PPE) are properly used and maintained. Ensure that defined working practices or standard operating procedures (SOPs), where identified as a control measure, are appropriate, workable and being followed (section 8).

 (iv) Where necessary, arrange for monitoring of workplace exposures to hazardous substances (section 9).

 (v) Where necessary, arrange for health surveillance for workers (section 10).

 (vi) Ensure that workers are provided with information, instruction and training, so that they understand the possible effects of exposure to hazardous substances and how to use the control measures provided (section 11).

The Regulations also set out a number of duties on employees.

University staff must:

(vii)  follow defined working practices or SOPs, where these are intended to minimise the risk of exposure to hazardous substances

(viii) use all control measures (including PPE) properly and report any defects to their supervisor or line manager attend health surveillance appointments at the appointed time.