University Events

The Sheldonian Theatre is the ceremonial hall of the University. It is the venue for a number of University meetings, ceremonial occasions, lectures and events which are organised by the Events Office. 

These events are not open to the public.


Derived from a Greek word, Encaenia is traditionally translated in St John’s Gospel as “festival of dedication”.

Held on the ninth week of Trinity term (early to mid June), Encaenia is the ceremony at which the University of Oxford awards honorary degrees to men and woman who have made a significant contribution in their field.


The Sheldonian Theatre is the venue for meetings of Congregation the University’s governing ‘parliament’. Meeting throughout the year, Congregation discusses topics and issues affecting the University.

Admission of the Proctors and Assessor

Two University Proctors are elected annually on a rotating basis from two of the Oxford’s colleges. Proctors are the internal ombudsmen who make sure that the University and its members adhere to its statutes. A Proctor’s role incorporates student discipline, as well as oversight of the University's proceedings. The Assessor is responsible for dealing with student welfare issues. The annual inauguration ceremony of the new Proctors and Assessor is held at the Sheldonian Theatre.

Chancellors Court of Benefactors

The Chancellor’s Court of Benefactors meets annually in autumn to receive and discuss matters relating to the work of the University. Created in 1991, membership of the Chancellor's Court of Benefactors is a distinction bestowed by the Chancellor, at the request of Council, on those who have made a major contribution to the development of the collegiate University. A formal Ceremony of Admission welcomes new members to the Court.