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University Regulations

* Convocation
* Congregation
* Societies and Permanent Private Halls
* Council
* Divisions and Divisional Boards
* Faculties and Sub-faculties
* Departments
* Libraries, and Museums and Scientific Collections
* Oxford University Press
* Other University Bodies
* Officers of the University
* Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates
* Complaints
* University Discipline
* Student Members: Other Regulations
* Academic and Support Staff
* College Contributions Scheme and College Accounts
* Property, Contracts, and Trusts
* Conduct of Ceremonies

For guidance on writing new legislation or amending existing legislation, please contact the Council Secretariat.


Convocation Elections: Council Regs 8 of 2002


Membership of Congregation: Cong. Regs 1 of 2002

Conduct of Business in Congregation: Cong. Regs 2 of 2002 [with: A. Speaking by Student Members in Congregation; B. Circulation of Flysheets]

Societies and Permanent Private Halls

Kellogg College: Council Regs 10 of 2002

St Cross College: Council Regs 11 of 2002

Permanent Private Halls: Council Regs 1 of 2011


Council: Council Regs 13 of 2002

Committees (General): Council Regs 14 of 2002

Committees reporting directly to Council or one of its Main Committees: Council Regs 15 of 2002

Divisions and Divisional Boards

Divisions: Council Regs 16 of 2002

Divisional Boards: Council Regs 17 of 2002

Faculties and Sub-faculties

Faculties: Council Regs 18 of 2002

Faculty Boards: Council Regs 19 of 2002


Departments: Council Regs 30 of 2002

Libraries, and Museums and Scientific Collections

Bodleian Libraries: Council Regs 44 of 2002

Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology: Council Regs 45 of 2002

Botanic Garden: Council Regs 3 of 2003

Oxford University Museum of Natural History: Council Regs 48 of 2002

Pitt Rivers Museum: Council Regs 49 of 2002

Museum of the History of Science: Council Regs 5 of 2003

Oxford University Press

Delegates of the Oxford University Press: Council Regs 20 of 2002

Other University Bodies

Other University Bodies: Council Regs 2 of 2004

Officers of the University

University Officers: Council Regs 21 of 2002

Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates

Regulations for Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates: Council Regs 22 of 2002


Investigation by the Proctors of Complaints under section 22 of Statute IX: Council Regs 6 of 2003

University Discipline

Use of the Facilities of the Bodleian Libraries Libraries Curators Regulations 1 of 2014

Use of Information Technology Facilities: ICTC Regs 1 of 2002

Constitution, Duties, and Powers of the Rules Committee: Council Regs 42 of 2002

Activities and Conduct of Student Members: Rules Committee Regs 1 of 2017

Candidates in Examinations (Disciplinary): Proctors' Regs 1 of 2003

Candidates in Examinations (Administrative): Proctors' Regs 1 of 2005

Disciplinary Investigations by the Proctors under Statute XI: Council Regs 2 of 2006

Student Disciplinary Panel: Council Regs 3 of 2006

Fines imposed under Statute XI: Council Regs 6 of 2006

Student Appeal Panel: Council Regs 4 of 2006

Appeals to the Appeal Court: Council Regs 5 of 2006

Academic Conduct Panel: Council Regs 1 of 2016

Student Members: Other Regulations

Student Fitness to Study Panel: Council Regs 1 of 2012

Procedures for Dealing with Questions of Fitness to Practise Amongst Medical Students: Council Regs 7 of 2006

Procedures Concerning Fitness to Teach During the Course of the PGCE Programme: Council Regs 8 of 2006

Academic and Support Staff

Appointment of Alternates under section 9 (3) of Statute XII: Council Regs 41 of 2002

Visitatorial Board under section 22 of Statute XII: Council Regs 36 of 2002

Grievance Committee under section 34 of Statute XII: Council Regs 40 of 2002

Employment of University Staff: Council Regs 3 of 2004

Granting of Sabbatical Leave and Dispensation from Prescribed Duties: Council Regs 4 of 2004

Holding of Outside Appointments and the Conduct of Outside Work: Council Regs 5 of 2004

Academic and Other Posts: Council Regs 24 of 2002

Staff Employment Review Panel and University Appeal Panel: Council Regs 1 of 2017

Redundancy Panel: Council Regs 2 of 2017

Regulations for constituting Panels convened under Statute XII Parts B, D and H: Council Regs 3 of 2017

Regulations for the Review Panel: Council Regs 4 of 2017

College Contributions Scheme and College Accounts

College Contributions and their Distribution: Council Regs 1 of 2014

Accounts of the Colleges: Council Regs 1 of 2003

Property, Contracts, and Trusts

Financial Regulations: Council Regs 1 of 2010

Administration of the University's Intellectual Property Policy: Council Regs 7 of 2002

Trusts: Council Regs 25 of 2002

Conduct of Ceremonies

Conduct of Ceremonies in Congregation and certain other Ceremonies: Cong. Regs 3 of 2002

Academic Dress: Vice-Chancellor's Regs 1 of 2002

Examination Regulations

The following regulations were made by Council in the "Council Regulations of 2002" series but were incorporated into the Examination Regulations, published in 2002:

Number and Length of Terms: Council Regs 1 of 2002

Matriculation of Student Members: Council Regs 2 of 2002

Residence in the University: Council Regs 3 of 2002

Senior Status: Council Regs 5 of 2002

Readmission and Migration: Council Regs 6 of 2002

Admission to Degrees awarded on passing the Second Public Examination: Council Regs 4 of 2002