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Regulations of Congregation for the Membership of Congregation

Congregation Regulations 1 of 2002

Made by Congregation on 5 March 2002
Amended on 20 March 2007, 15 November 2011 (Gazette, Vol. 142, p. 135, 17 November 2011) and 15 October 2013 (
Gazette, Vol. 144, p. 82, 17 October 2013)

1. The following persons and classes of persons shall be qualified for membership of Congregation under the provisions of section 3 (9) of Statute IV:

(1) the Deputy Steward;

(2) the Public Orator;

(3) the Keeper of the Archives;

(4) the Warden of Rhodes House;

(5) the Director of the Maison Française;

(6) the Secretary to the Delegates and Chief Executive of the University Press;

(7) the Finance Director of the University Press;

(8) the Tutors in Art at the Ruskin School of Art;

(9) the Emeritus Professors who are under the age of 75 years;

(10) all persons working in any university department or institution who hold posts on, or assessed as equivalent to, grades 8 and above;

(11) such other persons as Council shall determine.