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Regulations for Committees Reporting Directly to Council or one of its Main Committees

Council Regulations 15 of 2002

Made by Council on 26 June 2002

Other Committees

Part 17: Committee for Development and Alumni Relations

Made by Council on 30 July 2009

Amended on 18 February 2010, 6 May 2010, 8 December 2011, 11 April 2014 and 1 October 2014 (Gazette, Vol. 144, p. 386, 27 March 2014)

Renumbered on 28 July 2011

17.1. The Committee for Development and Alumni Relations shall consist of:

(1) the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Development and External Affairs), who shall be chair of the committee;

(2) the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Resources);

(3) one of the Proctors and the Assessor as may be agreed between them;

(4) the Chairman of the Conference of Colleges or, subject to the approval of the Council, his or her nominee;

(5) the Chair of the Development Panel;

(6)–(9) the head (or the nominee of the head) of each of the four divisions;

(10), (11) two persons appointed by Council;

(12) one student member representative appointed by the Executive of the Oxford University Student Union from among their own number.

17.2. The committee may co-opt up to two additional members for such periods as the committee shall deem appropriate.

17.3. The committee shall:

(1) advise Council on strategy and policy relating to development and alumni relations and the alignment of development and alumni relations priorities with the strategic objectives of the University;

(2) monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the University’s policies and procedures relating to development and alumni relations, reporting and referring matters to Council as appropriate, and if deemed appropriate by the Committee, offer feedback and advice to Council on policies or strategy for fundraising and alumni relations;

(3) seek to promote and facilitate fundraising and alumni relations within the collegiate University; and

(4) refer cases which in its view raise issues of a reputational, ethical or similar nature to the Committee for the Review of Donations.