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Regulations for Committees Reporting Directly to Council or one of its Main Committees

Council Regulations 15 of 2002

Made by Council on 26 June 2002

Other Committees

Part 22: Information Technology (IT) Committee

Made by Council on 11 October 2007

Amended on 29 May 2008, date of effect 1 October 2008, 15 January 2009, 19 July 2012 and 8 August 2014 (Gazette, Vol. 144, p. 608-611, 24 July 2014)

Renumbered on 28 July 2011

22.1. The IT Committee shall consist of:

(1) a Chair, appointed by Council;

(2)–(5) one person appointed by each of the divisional boards;

(6) one person nominated by the ASUC Strategy Group;

(7) the Registrar, or his or her nominee;

(8) one person appointed by the Conference of Colleges;

(9)–(10) two external members, who shall have significant expertise in IT, appointed by Council;

(11) one member of the Council of the Oxford University Student Union elected by that Council;

(12) one of the Proctors or the Assessor, as may be agreed between them.

22.2. The committee may co-opt up to two additional members.

22.3. Members shall be appointed for four years and are eligible for reappointment. Co-opted members shall be appointed for one year but shall be eligible for reappointment.

22.4. The committee shall be responsible for:

(1) all matters relating to the management, including maintenance, of the University's central IT policies, facilities and services;

(2) the management of both the IT capital budget as approved by Council on the recommendation of PRAC and other centrally run IT projects. In particular, the committee shall be responsible for:

(i) the approval of expenditure on capital projects within the IT capital budget or other centrally run IT projects, where appropriate reporting to Council on such approvals; and submitting recommendations to Council for expenditure on capital projects within the IT capital budget or other centrally run IT projects which require approval of Council, all in accordance with the financial limits set out in the Financial Regulations;

(ii) overseeing all capital projects within the IT capital budget in accordance with the approval given by Council or other centrally run IT projects funded from other sources and monitoring expenditure on those projects;

(iii) ensuring business cases in respect of the projects under (i) and (ii) above have been appropriately prepared, signed by the appropriate officers of the University in accordance with the Financial Regulations and are consistent with the University’s priorities and plans;

(iv) reporting annually to PRAC on the commitment and expenditure of the IT capital budget;

(v) reporting annually to PRAC on proposals for updating the IT capital budget; and

(vi) accounting for the IT capital envelope on the basis of commitment, rather than actual expenditure.

The committee shall publish its procedures for exercising these responsibilities from time to time, subject to the approval of Council;

(3) the development and implementation of the University's strategy relating to IT;

(4) overseeing the development of key performance indicators, including the delivery of value for money;

(5) identifying and leading the management of strategic risk in relation to IT;

(6) developing and maintaining policies and regulations regarding the University's IT operations; and

(7) all other IT-related matters of an operational or strategic nature.