Getting Access

Getting access to student systems depends upon the system that is to be accessed. The links below act as a guide to informing staff how to get access to the different systems within student systems.

Need to:  System to use/access instructions:

eVision is the main student records system for the University of Oxford. It provides services for the administrative management of admissions, on-course students, including enrolment of freshers, reviewing graduate students' academic progress (inc. assessing skills and training needs), visa management, examination entry, examination results and transcripts, and also degree ceremonies.

Have more in-depth editing and management of the student record (usually by central administrative teams such as Student Administration (AAD)) SITS:Vision
As a supervisor, review, monitor and comment on students' academic progress and to assess skills and training needs (previously called GSS). Used by students and staff. GSR in eVision (previously GSS)
Perform an administrative task regarding the management of tutorials at Oxford OxCORT
Perform an administrative task regarding the management of candidate information and decisions relating to undergraduate admissions at Oxford  ADSS
Perform an administrative function related to examination and assessment processes (for a department/faculty that uses MarkIT) MarkIT
As an ITSS member of staff, establish an interface SITS:Vision so that student data may be provided for use in local system(s) Student Data Feed
As a registered user of CUD, gain access to student emergency contact details for use in local database Student Emergency Contact Details