Information Custodian FAQs

Please also see the Information Custodian web page for a comprehensive list of FAQs or contact the Student Systems Support Centre if the FAQs do not answer your query.

Who is my Information Custodian?

A list of Information Custodians is available from this website. Alternatively, log into eVision and select the ‘Access and Support’ menu, look at the box ‘Gaining Access to Student Systems’ and the link ‘View my Information Custodian’.

What should I tell my Information Custodian if I want access to eVision?

It would help your Information Custodian if you told them your Single Sign On (SSO) identification and the type of administrative task you wish to complete. Sometimes, it can really help if you know of another member of staff within your college/department/faculty/division who has the type of access you need. Your Information Custodian can check their access and give the same to you.

I wish to appoint a new, or change an existing, Information Custodian for my organisational unit, how do I go about doing this?

To appoint a new, or amend an existing, Information Custodian - the Head of the organisational unit (e.g. Head of Department, Head of House etc.) must contact the Support Centre with details of the change. The following details must be included: Full name of person to be appointed/removed as Custodian; organisation unit; dates with effect from and to; email address of person to be appointed/removed as Custodian.

How do I grant access to Tableau reports?

Please refer to the Getting Access to Tableau Server page on the Student Data Management and Analysis (SDMA) pages.

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Please see the Information Custodian web page for a comprehensive list of FAQs.