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December 2016

Now available in eVision College Records: six new reports and enhancements

In addition to the three reports already available in College Records, six new reports have now been added, and enhancements have been made to the ‘Students Report’ and the 'Groups' functionality. The changes are outlined below.  In addition, the ‘Labels Report’ and the ‘College Advisors/Personal Tutors Report’ will be available by the end of January 2017.

New reports available

Report Description Access required
Members’ Contact Details Report This report provides contact details for any current college members, including students, University staff and other college members. Manage Members/Students – Restricted.
College Room List Report This report provides a list of college members who are currently assigned to any active college rooms recorded in the system for a given period. Manage Members/Students – Restricted.
Previous Institution Report  This report provides a list of previous institutions for all students at a college.  For undergraduate students this will show the last school (where these were declared during their UCAS application) for a given Academic Year/ Term.  For graduate students this will be based on previous qualifications submitted as part of their application where the institution has been provided by the applicant. Manage Members/Students – Restricted.
Suspended Students Report  This report provides details of students who are currently suspended or are due to suspend.  Users can specify a date range for end of suspension (if currently suspended) or start of suspension (if due to suspend). Student View – Read Only.
Fees Report This report provides both Gross and Net college fees for each student for a given academic year/ term, excluding battels. Student Finance.
Leavers Report This report shows all students whose course expected end date falls in a given period defined by “from” and “to” dates. Student View – Read Only.

 Reports to be made available by the end of January 2017

Report Description Access required
Labels Report This report provides name and correspondence address details for all current college members which can be used for a mail merge to produce labels. Members View – Read Only.

College Advisors/ Personal Tutors Report

This report provides a list of all currently assigned college advisors (graduate students) or personal tutors (undergraduate students) for the current academic year and a given term. It also shows the name and course details of enrolled students (included those who are currently suspended) who are currently assigned to them. Manage Members/Students – Restricted


The other enhancements to College Records which have been made are as follows:-

  • The Students Report, which was delivered in October, has been enhanced to allow you to select multiple values for the Enrolment Status search parameter and to remove duplicates rows being displayed for students who have transferred between programmes.
  • Groupsfunctionality has been enhanced and now allows you to:
    • Remove Selected Members’ from a Group rather than only being able to remove individual members one-by-one or by using ’Remove all members’
    • Email all college members’ in a Group. Please note, this functionality will only work if the email address is displayed on the screen. We are currently working towards fixing the missing University email addresses and they should be displayed correctly by the end of January 2017.

Updated training materials

The training materials have been updated:

  • ‘College Records Run Reports’ manual, which includes a list of live reports, has been updated in line with the above reports changes.
  • ‘Create and Manage Groups and Privileges’ manual includes the enhancements to the Groups functionality.

All of the College Records training materials can be found on the eVision Training Documentation page. If you have any queries then pleased contact the Student Systems Support Centre.

Student Systems Support Centre: Christmas closure dates

The Student Systems Support Centre will be closed from 16:00 on Wednesday 21 December 2016 until 08:30 Tuesday 3 January 2017. During this time, telephones will be diverted to voicemail, and queries should be sent to The Support Centre will respond to queries as quickly as possible after opening again on 3 January 2017.

Stabilisation and Enhancements 2016/17 Update

It is planned that that a second phase of Stabilisation will begin in January 2017 and will continue through until summer 2017. The focus of this work will predominantly be on resolving issues with interfaces to and from SITS: Vision, specifically the flow of ‘person’ related data between systems within Oxford. Further stabilisation work will also continue on Graduate Applicant Self Service and the application form, and issues that may arise with undergraduate admissions processing.

The next package of work for Enhancements has been identified and agreed. This year it will contain enhancements in the following areas; graduate admissions processing, Graduate Applicant Self-Service, and the Graduate Application Form; Submission data to be held and processed in SITS:Vision; further enhancements to Research Management eVision screens; enhancements to Undergraduate Admissions eVision screens and reports; recording Factors Affecting Performance in SITS:Vision; enhancements to Degree Ceremonies eVision screens; improvements between the flow of admissions data into ‘on-course’ in SITS:Vision; and also extension of the collection of disability related data and reporting in SITS:Vision and eVision.

November 2016

Changes to GSS reporting windows (Michaelmas Term only)

Due to unforeseen downtime of GSS, the student reporting window will remain open for an additional week, until Sunday 4th December. The opening of the supervisor reporting for Michaelmas term has therefore been delayed until week 9 (Monday 5th December).  The supervisor’s reporting window will remain open until Friday 23 December 2016 (Medical Sciences Division only) or Friday 20 January 2017 (all other divisions). Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) reporting will open, as usual, on Monday 12 December 2016. For more information, visit the GSS website.

SITS: Vision upgrade on Monday 5 December 2016 (including eVision design changes)

SITS:Vision, the underlying application for eVision, was upgraded on Monday 5 December 2016 to ensure continued support from the vendor. SITS:Vision, eVision and Student Self Service functionality remains the same, but there are some minor design changes as a result of the upgrade, most notably the navigation menu being moved from the left-hand side of the screen to the top banner. More information, including a Quick Reference Guide covering the main changes are available on the SITS:Vision upgrade webpage A preview of the change for students can be found on the Student Self Service page.

To apply the changes, SITS:Vision, eVision and Student Self Service were unavailable during the weekend of 3 and 4 December. For details of all student systems planned unavailability, please refer to the item below.

Planned periods of student systems unavailability: November and December 2016

Several periods of student systems unavailability, SITS:Vision, eVision and Student Self Service, are coming soon:

  • from 07:00 to 9:00, Tuesday 29 November 2016: due to an IT Services project to upgrade many parts of the University network infrastructure [now complete].
  • from 00:00, Saturday 3 December until 08:30, Monday 5 December 2016: in order to apply the design changes detailed in the above news item.
  • from 07:00 to 9:00, Tuesday 6 December 2016: due to an IT Services project to upgrade many parts of the University network infrastructure.
  • from 17:30, Friday 9 December, expected to be available again from 08:30 on Sunday 11 December, however the systems may remain unavailable for part of Sunday. Normal service will resume at 8:30 on Monday 12 December. This period of unavailability is for essential maintenance work.

If you experience any issues accessing eVision outside of these hours then please contact the Student Systems Support Centre

Changes to Graduate Admissions functionality: English Language Proficiency and Verifying Tests.

A number of changes have been made to the Graduate Admissions Application Tabbed view in relation to the display of the English Language Proficiency red text, "Evidence of English Language proficiency required", and the introduction of the ability of UABs to verify test results.

These changes mean that the Application Tabbed View should more accurately reflect the current status of an applicant’s English Language Proficiency by the red text only appearing where:-

  • The applicant’s first language is not English and
    • A language waiver has not been granted or,
    • The language-related condition has not been waived or passed or,
    • A satisfactory language test has not been submitted as verified
  • The applicant’s first language is English but they are not a national of a majority English-speaking country and
    • A language waiver has not been granted or,
    • The language-related condition has not been waived or passed or,
    • A satisfactory language test has not been submitted as verified

Previously the red text on the Application Tabbed View and on all other admissions eVision pages continued to be displayed even after the language-related condition had been waived for fulfilled or if a satisfactory language test score had been submitted.

This new functionality also means that UABs are now able to verify GRE and language-related test results once submitted by the applicant. UABs can use the  button available under the ‘Action’ column on the ‘Manage Tests’ tab, to carry out the verification of tests.

English Language: Claimed

Once a test result has been verified its status will change from ‘Claimed’ to ‘Verified’.

English Language: Verified

 (For language-related tests the ‘Evidence of English Language proficiency required’ will disappear following the verification being saved).

The updated course manuals for UABs (‘Graduate Admissions Manual - UABs’) and Colleges (‘Graduate Admissions Manual - Colleges’) containing these changes can be found on the eVision training documentation page. The manual now also contains clarification regarding UABs needing to have agreement of a college place before recording an offer.

GSS Improvements: Planned Downtime Thursday 3 November, 9:00-16:00pm

Various improvements are going to be made to the interface between GSS and SITS: Vision as part of the Stabilisation Project. A large number of support calls to the Student Systems Support Centre have related to the quality of data in GSS and these planned changes aim to improve the quality and flow of data between GSS and SITS: Vision. Following the planned changes GSS users should see a substantial improvement the quality of data, but no other differences should be noticeable.  In order to implement the planned improvements GSS will be unavailable on Thursday 3 November, 9:00-16:00pm.

October 2016

Student Right to Work Check Report for Colleges: Going live Tuesday 1 November

A new Student Right to Work Check Report for Colleges will be available in eVision from Tuesday 1 November 2016. Colleges will have received an email from the Conference of Colleges Secretariat explaining the background and purpose of the report. Email from Conference of Colleges Secretariat (408kb)

At the present time this report will only be available to colleges and not to departments.

The Student Right to Work Check Report Quick Reference Guide can be found on the eVision Training Documentation page. The instructions should be followed to check each student presenting for work has current right to work and the correct data is kept on file in colleges.

September 2016

Improved Freshers' Dataview

The eVision Freshers’ Dataview has been updated in response to requests from staff, and now offers the option to include data for returning students as well as new starters. This allows all enrolment information to be downloaded from a single source, instead of being split across the Freshers Dataview and the Enrolment Overview Report. Additionally, some people have received incomplete data using this report recently. This issue has now been fixed and the report returns all relevant data.

The addition of data for returning students was made on 1 September to aid preparations for the new term. The dataview is available under the Admissions and Enrolment section of the Dataviews page. An additional parameter will allow you to select whether to include returners; this parameter defaults to ‘No’. New columns have been added: one to indicate whether a student is a fresher or returner, and another to show whether the student has registered. As with all standard Dataviews, the data can be exported to Excel.

The data shown in the Freshers’ Dataview for returning students is the same as that for new students, and includes contact details (address and telephone), matriculation information, and card details. Source of Funding data will also be added before Michaelmas term 2016 begins.

College Records is now Live - 15 September 2016

College Records, a new shared system that participating colleges will use to manage local academic records, is now live. The functionality was developed in close partnership with a User Group, comprising representatives from the fourteen participating colleges. The How to Guides can be found on eVision training documentation page.

College Undergraduate Admissions: Release to Card Office Reminder

‘Release to Card Office’ in eVision is an important step in completing the undergraduate admissions process.   Once an undergraduate application has been reviewed, all documentation has been received and is correct, the college can then release the application to the Card Office. This allows applicants to be subject to administrative checks before their on-course records are created. ‘Release to Card Office’ should be done when the Card Form is sent to the Card Office. If an application has been ‘released to Card Office’, receipt of the Card Form by the Card Office will trigger the creation of the applicant’s on-course records (Applicant Transfer).  Applicant Transfer must be completed before the University Card and single sign-on details for registration can be generated. 

If you have any outstanding records that have not yet been released to the Card Office then please action ASAP to avoid delay to your undergraduates registering and receiving their University cards.

Guidance on ‘Release to Card Office’ can be found in the ‘Undergraduate Admissions Manual (colleges)’ on the Student Systems Support Centre website (eVision training documentation).

Student Self Service: Individual Electoral Registration

Online registration now includes an invitation to apply to join Oxford City Council (OCC) Electoral Register. The Individual Electoral Registration option was introduced in September 2016 following discussion and agreement between OCC and the University of Oxford. This new functionality gives eligible students the option to give the University permission to provide their information (including National Insurance number) to OCC in order that the student can then be added to the electoral register (replaced the Electoral roll). This change was made as part of the Student Systems Improvements work, details of which are on the AAD Website. The staff manual to Student Self Service has been updated and can be found on the Student Systems Support Centre on the eVision training documentation.

View Student screens for easy access to individual student details

The View Student screens in eVision enable staff to look up individual student details, such as contact details and examination results. 800 people across the University have used View Student since it was introduced on 7 July, and overall feedback has been positive, including “…This is a good way to see the important information relating to a student quickly, as it's easier to digest than dataviews” (Eleanor Wilson, Graduate Entry Course Administrator at the University of Oxford Medical School).

View Student is optimised to provide information about a single student or a small group of students. The screens are available in eVision under the Student Records tab in the left-hand menu and the View Student Details QRG (Quick Reference Guide) is available from the eVision Training documentation page. If you think this search screen would be useful to you, contact your Information Custodian to arrange access.

Completion of the Admissions project and Student Systems Programme changes

Over 2,800 undergraduate applications were processed in eVision during A-Level results week. In order to support this process, email notifications and a new confirmation checking report were added to eVision. Changes to Graduate Admissions include the integration of fee payment into the graduate student application form, and the new Graduate Applicant Self Service, allowing applicants to track the status of their references, manage referee details, upload supporting documents and edit their contact details. With the conclusion of the Admissions project, the Oracle Student System (OSS) has now been fully replaced with eVision. 

The remit of the Student Systems Programme (SSP) has widened to include all projects commissioned by the Education IT Board. This includes work for Student Systems as well as new projects sponsored by Academic IT Services, such as the WebLearn upgrade and Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) review. To reflect the change, SSP will be renamed the Education IT Programme. In Michaelmas term 2016 the website and email address will be updated to reflect this.

Planned Data Centre Outage on Wednesday 14 September

There is a planned data centre outage at the Begbroke site on Wednesday 14 September in order to carry out essential electrical work. This should have minimal impact on users of eVision and reporting should not be adversely affected. However, please note that the lack of system resiliency throughout 14 September means that eVision should be considered to be potentially ‘at risk’ for the day. If you encounter any eVision issues then please contact the Student Systems Support Centre at or call 01865 (2)84848.

eVision Progression Process complete for 2016/17.

The progression process for 2016/17 was completed week commencing Monday 22 August 2016 in preparation got Michaelmas Term 2016/17.  Students can now re-register for the Michaelmas Term 2016/17 registration period and eVision users will notice changes to their student data and that dataviews will default to 2016/17 academic year. If you require any further information in regard to progression please do not hesitate to contact the Academic Records Office ( for all matters concerning Undergraduates and Visiting/Recognised Students and the Data Quality Team ( for queries regarding Postgraduate Taught and Research Students. If you have any further questions regarding rollover activities please contact the Student Systems Support Centre (

August 2016

16/17 Fee Schedule Report

The University Fees Team will be carrying out the required 16/17 Fee Schedule data checks until further notice. Please do not use the 16/17 Fee Schedule report until you have received notification from the University Fees Team that the data is ready to be viewed.

Please email any queries to the Fees Team.

Email Notifications to Support the Confirmation Process

eVision now includes email notifications to infirm key contacts at colleges and departments when changes are made at confirmation stage, for example when an applicant is transferred to another college. Further details are available from the Email Notifications to Support Confirmation Process page.

Confirmation Checking report

eVision now includes the new Confirmation Checking report. This additional change to eVision will support the undergraduate admissions confirmation process, and has been made in preparation for A-level results week. Further information will  about how you will be informed when changes are made, for example when an applicant is transferred to another college.

The Confirmation Checking report will show applicants for your college or department, with offer details and examination results. This report, which is available to all eVision users, can be found under Admissions > Undergraduate Admissions Results Matching & Confirmation.

The college and department manuals have been updated to reflect the new functionality, and are available from the User Guides and Documentation page.

Student Financial Support: Changes to Financial Support Types and spreadsheet used for data upload.

Following eVision functionality that was made available on 1 July for managing individual student financial support, some changes have been made and are described below.

As outlined in the email to eVision Financial Support users on 1 July, two additional Financial Support Types have now been classified as sensitive data in the system, to ensure that sensitive University means-tested financial support data are handled with appropriate care. The Financial Support Types are:

  • On course non-merit based award (cash)
  • On course non-merit based award (near cash)

Only colleagues with super-user access will be able to view and edit financial support of these types. This is in addition to the two Financial Support Types that were previously classified as sensitive data in the system, which are:

  • Hardship award (cash)
  • Hardship award (near cash)

Additionally, some minor changes have been made to the spreadsheet for data upload, so that it is no longer specific to 2015/16, and can also be used in future years:

  • In the Date Awarded column, it is now possible to specify a date within any academic (HESA) year – no longer just in 2015/16.
  • The spreadsheet filename no longer contains an academic year.

The spreadsheet has also been amended so that the College column title is now College / Department.

The Managing Student Financial Support in eVision Manual has been updated, and is available from the User Guides and Documentation page. This manual is intended for staff in colleges, departments and divisions as well as the central Student Fees & Funding Team, and can be found under the relevant heading for Colleges or Departments/Divisions on the website.

As usual, the Data Quality Team will continue to support colleges and departments queries about data, process, and about how to use the template spreadsheet available from eVision. The Student Systems Support Centre will support you with eVision and technical queries.


eVision progression process for Michaelmas Term 2016/17

The Data Quality Team (DQT) and the Academic Records Office (ARO) will run the progression process within eVision and SITS:Vision in the week commencing 22 August 2016 in preparation for Michaelmas Term 2016/17.

What is the progression process?

The progression process for this term will roll forward students who are classed as Michaelmas Term students and whose anniversary of registration is in September onto their next year of study (e.g. first year students will become second year students). This will then allow students to re-register for the Michaelmas Term 2016/17 registration period. Returning students will be able to register online via Student Self Service from 1st September 2016.

What changes might I notice?

This is an important part of the system functionality and as such you will notice some changes to student data affected by the progression process, including:

  • Most of your returning students will have been rolled forward onto the next year of their study.
  • The Student Status will change from ‘Enrolled’ to ‘Ready to Enrol – Returner’ until the student has re-registered in Self Service.
  • As students begin to register there are likely to be frequent updates to personal details.

When is it happening and what will be the impact?

Progression will be undertaken by ARO and DQT, primarily between Tuesday 23 and Friday 26 August, during which time the student records and the system will rollover from the 2015/16 to 2016/17 academic year. The main impact of this will be noticeable within eVision and Dataviews where the default academic year will begin to show as 2016/17.

Who do I contact for further information and advice?

If you require any further information in regard to progression please do not hesitate to contact the Academic Records Office ( for all matters concerning Undergraduates and Visiting/Recognised Students and the Data Quality Team ( for queries regarding Postgraduate Taught and Research Students. If you have any further questions regarding rollover activities please contact the Student Systems Support Centre (