Other Related Systems

There are a number of systems that are directly related and/or dependant upon student systems. Enquiries and support relating to those systems should be directed as follows:

 System Name Description of System Further Information
Administrative Databases** There are a variety of Microsoft Access databases used in central administration to support specific administrative processes. Contact the Support Centre for more information about administrative databases
ADSS* Admissions (Decision) Support System is a tool for Departments and Colleges to share candidate information across an entire subject and its joint schools.  ADSS General Manual and Web View Guides
MarkIT**  A local Microsoft Access database used in specific departments/faculties to support examination and results processes.  Contact the Support Centre for more information about MarkIT
Online Graduate Application Form  An online portal to enable applicants to apply for graduate study at Oxford.  Guidance notes for the Graduate Application process
Student Data Feed**  As of 5 January 2015 onwards, the Student Data Feed will be provided via the Core User Directory (CUD). The Student Data Feed continues to provide student data to local IT systems across the collegiate University.  Information about the SITS:Vision Student Datafeed
University Card Database System supporting the University Card. Used by the University Card Office. The University Card Office

 *supported in conjunction with the Undergraduate Admissions Office and IT Services
**supported in conjunction with IT Services

System Name System Description Supported by
Microsoft Reporting  Management reporting tool for student systems BI Support Desk
Tableau Reporting Management reporting tool for student systems BI Support Desk
BizTALK  Manages the interfaces between SITS:Vision and other related systems BizTalk Support
OXAM Oxford past examination papers online (through WebLearn) WebLearn Support