Super Users

After the major implementation of the on-course student record in January 2015, a group of SITS:Vision and eVision 'super users' will be established.

This role is the first point of contact in their organisational unit for informal support and coaching for staff using student systems. The Super User will also be the main conduit for communication from Student Systems Support Centre. Each unit may nominate one or more people for this role, depending on their size and student systems responsibilities. Smaller units may wish to nominate their Information Custodian (or their deputy) for this role. It is expected that the super user role will be in place and operational by September 2015. If you are interested in becoming a super user, please contact the Student Systems Support Centre (

Person specification
  • Good business process knowledge associated with student systems functionality covered by their unit
  • Confidence user of IT and student systems
  • Respected for their knowledge and experience within the unit
  • Enthusiastic and positive about student systems and change
  • Good communication skills
Principal responsibilities
Support & Training
  • Provide informal local support for staff within their unit, including use of IT systems and their associated processes.
  • Provide informal one-to-one coaching and support for staff in their unit.
  • Ensure that new users in their unit know where to access support and training documentation, and who to contact for help with the systems and processes.
  • Attend training provided by the Student Systems Support Centre or Academic Administration Division teams, in order to support staff within their unit.
  • Keep up to date with processes, policy and regulations associated with student systems, such as visas and fees, and know where and when to access advice from AAD teams.
  • Act as the main communication point within their unit for changes and updates to student systems functionality and processes, and ensure these are communicated to appropriate staff within their unit.
  • Keep up to date with information in the fortnightly AAD news alerts and regular Student Systems Support Centre updates.
  • Participate in Student Systems Super User meetings.
Student Systems Programme
For the duration of the programme the Super User will:
  • Keep up to date with developments in the Student Systems Programme by reading the online SSP bulletins and attending briefings and presentations.
  • Take part in user testing and/or pilot training courses for new developments.
  • Assist with proof-reading training and support documentation.
Liaises with
  • Staff within their unit
  • Student Systems Support Centre
  • Student System Programme
  • Academic Administration Division
Training & Support