eVision/SITS:Vision User Experience Survey

This survey is now closed

On Friday 12 May the survey closed for responses. Student Systems would like to thank those of you who participated. Around 20% of eVision users responded to the eVision/SITS:Vision User Experience Survey. This included a variety of staff types, e.g. academic and administrative, from all parts of the collegiate University. The results will be analysed and published on the Student Systems website. Feedback will inform future development plans for Student Systems. The winners of the ten £50 Amazon vouchers have now been informed.


Student Systems asked an external company, Future Thinking, to conduct an ‘eVision/SITS:Vision User Experience Survey’ to gather comprehensive user feedback from eVision/SITS:Vision users in order to assess the effectiveness of recent activities and to inform future plans.

This survey was conducted between Wednesday 29 March and Friday 12 May.

How to participate

eVision/SITS:Vision users were sent an email from Future Thinking (eVisionUserSurvey@futurethinking.com) inviting them to participate. The survey closed on Friday 12 May.

Participants who chose to be were entered into a draw to win one of ten £50 Amazon Gift Vouchers. Terms and conditions apply. The winners will be informed in early June.

We are very grateful for the feedback you provided!

Why was the survey being carried out?

Since the major implementation of eVision/SITS in January 2015, there have been subsequent improvement initiatives for the system and also the support of it. It is hoped that the outcome of these initiatives has had, and will have, a noticeable improvement in the user experience, with more usable systems and more effective support operations.

Student Systems has now gathering comprehensive user feedback from eVision/SITS users, in order to assess the effectiveness of recent activities and to inform future plans. This will assess the typical ‘user experience’ of contacting our team and using our services. This feedback survey will:

  • provide a benchmark measure of satisfaction against which to measure future improvement;
  • highlight perceived areas of risk;
  • identify what works well so it can continue and be improved further;
  • help identify and/or confirm areas to prioritise for future improvement;
  • measure whether user needs (systems, support, training etc.) are being met and;
  • raise awareness of services by engaging with users.

When did it happening and what did the survey contain?

The survey was open for responses from Wednesday 29 March until Friday 12 May 2017. eVision/SITS users received an email from Future Thinking (eVisionUserSurvey@futurethinking.com)  inviting them to participate in the survey.

The survey was short and consisted of a maximum of 28 questions, depending on the areas of eVision/SITS:Vision you use. The data will be analysed at an aggregated level and as such, personal responses to the survey will be kept strictly confidential.

We are very grateful for the feedback provided as part of the survey, which will be used to make service improvements.

Who are Future Thinking?

This research was conducted by Future Thinking, an independent market research company, on behalf of the University of Oxford. Please note the University will only see data at a combined level (with no fewer than 5 people in a ‘group’) and will not be able to identify any responses from individual members of staff.

Future Thinking is a company fully compliant with quality and security standards, in particular ICO27001:2013. More information about Future Thinking can be found on their website: http://futurethinking.com

Why should I participate?

The survey is now closed, however ten individuals who successfully completed and submitted a questionnaire will be randomly selected by Future Thinking to receive a £50 Amazon Gift Voucher reward. The winners will be informed in early June.

The University will simply be given ten names of individuals to award the prizes to. This process retains all anonymity. Terms and conditions of the prize draw can be found on the Terms and Conditions page.

Can I participate without an invitation?

The survey is now closed.

When will the findings be presented?

The findings from the survey will be presented through a variety of communications and also on the Student Systems website after in depth analysis is completed at the end of Trinity Term 2017. Results will be published on the Student Systems website during the summer.

I have further questions which are not answered here, who should I contact?

If you have any questions about the contents of the survey or why you were asked to complete it, please contact student.systems@admin.ox.ac.uk.