Resources for existing workers

This page provides information for workers already engaged by the Temporary Staffing Service, including details of timesheet/holiday processes and Payroll deadlines. The sections below are designed to provide a quick reference guide, for full details of your terms and conditions please consult the contract issued to you at registration. If you cannot find the answer to your query on this page, you can consult the Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Temporary Staffing Service.  


The Temporary Staffing Service operates an online timesheeting system which can be accessed from any web enabled device. When you start your first assignment you will recieve an email with a link to activate your account, along with instructions explaining how to access the system and complete your hours. A copy of the instructions can also be found in the Documents section on the right hand side of this page.

If you cannot find a particular timesheet, or have difficulty accessing the system, please contact the Temporary Staffing Service. You should submit timesheets as soon as your work for the week is complete, enabling a representative from the hiring department to authorise them straight away. You will be able to view the status of any timesheets you have submitted via your online account, to check if they have been authorised.

In the run up to payroll, we will send out a reminder confirming the cut off point for any timesheets to be paid that month. See the Payroll deadlines section below

By completing your timesheets accurately, submitting them for approval as soon as possible and ensuring they have been authorised before the monthly deadline, you can prevent any delays in payment. If you become aware of any reason why a timesheet cannot be submitted or authorised before the deadline, we advise that you to contact the Temporary Staffing Service as soon as possible. Timesheets submitted after the monthly deadline will not be paid until the following month.

Holiday requests

You will accrue holiday entitlement for every hour that you work. To confirm how much holiday you have accrued, please contact the Temporary Staffing Service.

To be paid for holiday, you will need to complete a Holiday Request Form and return it to the Temporary Staffing Service. This can be completed electronically and forwarded to the Service via e-mail or printed off and sent via the messenger service. A link to the Holiday Request form can be found in the Documents section on the right hand side of this page.

If you would like to take time off during an assignment, please discuss your request with the departmental contact you report to before submitting the holiday request form, to ensure it fits with the needs of the department. You will only be paid for holiday you have accrued, but providing the department where you are working has approved the request, you can also take time off without pay.

To be included in the payroll run for the current month, the holiday request must be received before the Payroll deadlines, which are detailed below.

Payroll process

Payments will be made on a Monthly basis by the University Payroll. You will be paid for any authorised timesheets and holiday requests received before the monthly deadlines. Details of the deadlines can be found below.

Your payment will be made by BACS transfer and a payslip will be posted to your home address. To find out when you will be paid, visit Pay Dates.

For any queries regarding your pay, please contact the Temporary Staffing Service in the first instance.

University cards

If you have been issued with a University Card then please ensure you keep it safe at all times. You will need to return your University Card if you finish working for the Temporary Staffing Service or take a significant break between assignments.

If your University Card is lost or stolen, you must inform the Temporary Staffing Service immediately. A replacement can be issued, but this incurs a charge. For more information see Lost, stolen or damaged cards.

Payroll deadlines

The following deadlines will apply to timesheets and Holiday requests. Items received after the payroll deadline will be paid in the following month.

Pay MonthPayroll Deadline
December 2018 12:00 Friday 7th December
January 2019 10:00 Monday 14th January
February 2019 10:00 Monday 18th February
March 2019 10:00 Monday 18th March
April 2019 10:00 Monday 15th April
May 2019 10:00 Monday 13th May
June 2019 10:00 Monday 17th June
July 2019 10:00 Monday 15th July
August 2019 10:00 Monday 12th August
September 2019 10:00 Monday 16th September
October 2019 10:00 Monday 14th October
November 2019 10:00 Monday 18th November
December 2019 12:00 Friday 6th December

Leaving the Temporary Staffing Service

If you finish working for the Temporary Staffing Service, even if it is to take up employment somewhere else within the University, please inform the Service so that your holiday account can be cleared and a P45 issued if required.

If you are leaving the University, you will be asked to return your University Card.