Academic Administration Division

Academic Administration Division enquiries number: 01865 (2)70108


Postal address: Academic Administration Division, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD.

Academic Registrar: Saira Shaikh, tel: 01865 (2)70013

Executive Officer: Sarah Ashley, tel: 01865 (2)70108

The Academic Administration Division (AAD) provides leadership and coordination in the development and delivery of administrative support for teaching and learning across the collegiate University. The Division covers most aspects of academic administration, including educational policy, operational support for the student career from admission to graduation, and the centrally managed student services of counselling, disability, sport and careers. It also comprises the Continuing Education Secretariat, the Oxford Learning Institute and the Language Centre.

The AAD is involved in the development of strategies and policies for approval by Council and other major University bodies across a wide area, and promoting effective internal communication in a large and dispersed institutional structure, operating in close partnership with academic and administrative staff throughout the collegiate University.

The Academic Registrar reports to the Registrar.