Legal Services

Legal Services enquiries number: 01865 (2)70126
Fax: 01865 (2)80569


Postal address: Legal Services, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford  OX1 2JD;
(for Real property matters, planning and construction issues): Legal Services, Estates Directorate, The Malthouse, Tidmarsh Lane, Oxford OX1 1NQ.

Director of Legal Services and General Counsel: Andrew Mackie 
Office Manager & Executive Assistant: Helen Pugh

The Legal Services Office provides legal advice across the University and to all the University's subsidiary companies over a wide area, including joint ventures; commercial law; competition law; procurement; risk management and insurance; finance; banking; tax; governance; education law; employment; student issues; harassment; discrimination; conflict of interest; trusts; data protection; freedom of information; intellectual property; real property; planning; construction; and the environment. Although it does not advise individuals in their private capacities, it may act where there is a University interest in an individual’s case.

The Director of Legal Services reports to the Registrar. He and his legal colleagues, who interact with a wide range of staff throughout the University, also liaise with the Conference of Colleges Legal Panel on issues of relevance to the collegiate University as a whole, but they do not act for the colleges.

Profile of the Director of Legal Services and General Counsel

Andrew Mackie joined the University as the Director of Legal Services and General Counsel in December 2012.

Prior to this he was a solicitor and had been a corporate partner at Linklaters LLP since 2005, in the New York, Hong Kong and London offices. He joined Linklaters in 1993, having previously worked for Unilever.

He is an Oxford graduate (Modern History and Modern Languages, Merton) and had a graduate scholarship to study business administration at McGill University.