Occupational Health Service

Occupational Health Service enquiries number: 01865 (2)82676
Fax: 01865 (2)82678

Email: enquiries@uohs.ox.ac.uk
Website: www.admin.ox.ac.uk/uohs

Postal address: University Occupational Health Service, 10 Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PD

Director of Occupational Health and Safety: Gary Tideswell
PA to the Director of Occupational Health and Safety: Chloë Cairns

The University Occupational Health Service (UOHS) comprises a team of clinical specialists and administrators and is responsible for implementing the management strategy and policies approved by the University’s Health and Safety Management Subcommittee to enable the University to discharge its legal obligations in respect of occupational health and safety. The UOHS provides occupational health services to the University and its staff, promoting a culture of resilience to sustain our high-performing workforce. It undertakes the full spectrum of occupational health responsibilities for the University and many of the colleges. 

The Director of Occupational Health reports to the Director of Human Resources.