First Aiders and Hepatitis B Vaccinations

OHS Memo M2/04

1 September 2004

To: All Heads of Department, Administrators, Dr C Conlon

A number of employees have been trained as first aiders and have agreed to offer a first aid service to University departments. This service is greatly valued but, for almost all such individuals, first aid is provided only in response to occasional injury from workplace incidents. Consequently, the risk of exposure of first aiders to human blood or other potentially infectious materials is low and hepatitis B vaccination is not routinely required. Should such first aiders be exposed to blood or potentially infectious materials whilst administering first aid then the emergency post-exposure procedures listed in the University Policy OHS 2/03 should be followed. If a clinical assessment then identifies a risk of hepatitis B infection the first aider would normally be offered immunity cover via an accelerated course of hepatitis B vaccination and/or hepatitis B immunoglobulin. Please see Sharps, Splash & Bite Injury Policy (329kb) for reference. Included in this document is the flow chart

Departments should ensure that their first aiders are aware of this policy. Departments may also consider displaying a copy of the Actions to be taken following a Sharps, Splash or Bite Injury (113kb)adjacent to first aid cabinets.

For any queries on the above or any related matters, please contact the Occupational Health Service (tel. 01865-282676) and ask to speak to an Occupational Health Adviser.

Reviewed on: 19th April 2016