About the AAD

The AAD provides, or otherwise coordinates, support for the student career from admission through to examination and graduation, and promotes the development of coherent systems and services across Oxford to underpin this. The Division includes the Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach team, the Graduate Admissions and Funding Office, and Student Administration and Services. The latter is responsible for centrally managed student services such as counselling, student welfare and disability support, the Careers Service, and University sport.

Covering most aspects of academic administration, the AAD is involved in the development of strategies and policies for approval by Council and other major University bodies. It is also responsible for promoting effective internal communication in a large and dispersed institutional structure, by operating in close partnership with colleagues in central, divisional, departmental, and college administration, as well as with academic staff and students.

Vision and objectives

The AAD aims to coordinate and support the University’s academic administration, and to ensure that service provision for students across the University is led and coordinated in an efficient and effective manner.

Our main objectives and can be summarised as:

  1. Responding effectively to growing external pressures and the increasing regulatory burden;
  2. Supporting the University’s governance processes, taking forward implementation of the Strategic Plan, and ensuring the effective operation and development of core administrative functions affecting the student career and the annual academic cycle;
  3. Enhancing the student experience for both prospective and current students and fulfilling Oxford’s access Agreement with OFFA;
  4. Ensuring effective development of student-facing services, including careers/internships, counselling, student health and welfare, sport, and the student IT experience;
  5. Investment to Save, Organisational Efficiency and Risk Management;
  6. Mainstreaming of previously specific funding allocations; responding to the decline in government funding, depletion of trust funds or spending down of reserves.

Much of what AAD does is fundamental to supporting many of the principal objectives set out in the University’s Strategic Plan. All parts of AAD contribute in some measure to Global reach (Priority 1) and Networking, communication, and interdisciplinarity (Priority 2).

With regards specific academic commitments within the plan, both Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions contribute to ensuring the effectiveness of the undergraduate and graduate admissions processes (commitment 4); Student Administration and Services are directly concerned with ensuring that the Oxford experience is of high quality for both graduates and undergraduates (commitment 5) and the Education Policy Support team (EPS) works closely with Education Committee and its panels and sub-committees to take forward this agenda.

AAD officers work closely with colleagues in IT Services in the delivery of investment in new Information Technologies (enabling strategy 4), and in supporting the realisation of the Oxford Thinking Campaign targets (enabling strategy 5).