Your online presence

The AAD Communications Office provides advice and assistance for using an AAD website, SharePoint or WebLearn site to meet your, and your audience’s, needs. An effective website is always a work in progress. Improvements do not need to be a big-bang approach. They can be gradual as a series of incremental advances.

SharePoint and WebLearn

SharePoint is ideal for when you need workflow, collaboration or document sharing tools. WebLearn**, which is Oxford’s Virtual Learning Environment, is also being used as an admin tool to share documents.  Content within both platforms can be managed by you and your team, rather than published through the AAD Communications team. Contact us to discuss your options.

**Please note that Oxford is currently looking for a new VLE supplier. The selection process for a new supplier will focus on finding a solution that supports teaching and learning. WebLearn will remain available until an alternative is identified. Plans for this transition will be developed in collaboration with users. In light of this we don’t recommend setting up new admin related WebLearn sites at this stage.


Remember, a website or equivalent is not for you, it’s for them. The AAD Communications Office will help you to identify what your audience wants and then structure your site to make it easy for them to find it, as well as use their language and terminology and monitor usage for continual improvement.


The AAD Communications Office will work with you on the content. Web content should be short and written in plain English with an authoritative voice. People skim-read web pages, so consider this when structuring your page. Grammar and spelling matters. The AAD Communications Office will help you edit your content to ensure that it is typo-free, suitable for your audience and optimised for the web.

Digital content

Rich media is an engaging way to communicate and can be incredibly powerful, but time-consuming to make. Our statistics show that videos and podcasts are some of our most widely shared content. Your message needs to be engaging as you have about 12 seconds to grab attention online. It needs to be short (web video is usually between 2-5 minutes long). Contact us to discuss the use of media, as well as for an update on the digital content currently available.


Beautiful, clear images can help elevate the professionalism of a website. The AAD Communications Office has a subscription to the University of Oxford Image Library that can be used by AAD staff. Contact us to discuss your image needs.

Web maintenance

Maintaining a website involves a number of elements in order to ensure that the content remains relevant, accurate and easily accessible. This includes checking regularly for broken links, ensuring style consistency, and becoming well-acquainted with your content management system. The AAD Communications team offers guidance for administrators on updating and maintaining websites. View our Publications page for advice on writing for the web.


The AAD Communications team offers tailored training and guidance on Site Manager, Drupal, SharePoint and WebLearn. Contact us for assistance.