Staff engagement

The Academic Administration Division (AAD) comprises those sections of University Administration and Services (UAS) which support most aspects of academic administration, working closely with departments and colleges in helping to coordinate this work across Oxford.

The AAD Communications Office is responsible for developing staff understanding of the Division’s aims and activities and for promoting effective communication and engagement in our large and dispersed institutional structure.

Through our activities we seek to ensure a smooth transition to Oxford for staff and to help retain the best staff; to promote the equality of opportunity for staff development; and to develop our capacity to share information and to work collaboratively with colleagues in order to co-ordinate the University’s administrative activities more effectively.

The AAD online

The AAD Communications Office manages the Division’s web presence, including developing content and, analysing usage in order to effectively promote the work of the AAD to the collegiate University. The responsibility includes management of the AAD SharePoint and WebLearn work areas.

An effective website is always a work in progress. Whether improvements are big bang or gradual incremental steps, we will work with you to help you to develop your AAD section’s online presence. Maintaining a website involves a number of elements in order to ensure that the content remains relevant, accurate and easily accessible. This includes checking regularly for broken links, ensuring style consistency and becoming well-acquainted with your online publishing system. The AAD Communications Office offers guidance for administrators on updating and maintaining content online. View our Publications page for advice on writing for the web and Your online presence page for setting up a web presence.

AAD News Alert – communicating across the collegiate University

Integrated with the AAD website, the AAD News Alert is a subscription-based fortnightly email bulletin containing news, updates, events and deadlines relating to student administration in its widest sense. Used by staff across the collegiate University, the AAD News Alert has the largest subscription base and the widest reach of all internal communications publications.

Discuss with us how to become a regular contributor or to utilise this channel as part of your promotion or communications plan. You can subscribe to receive the AAD News Alert. An archive of news is also available for reference.

AAD staff news – for us, about us

The AAD Communications update is an email bulletin to AAD staff on local announcements, updates and opportunities. To include an item for email circulation to all staff working within the AAD, contact the AAD Communications Office.

AAD Communications Briefing – engage with our work

Held on a termly basis, the AAD Communications Briefing is for departmental, college and UAS staff members involved in administration to hear first-hand about the work and activities of the AAD. Suggest topics you would like to hear more about, by emailing the AAD Communications Office. Register to attend the next upcoming Briefing.

The AAD Communications Briefing also provides an opportunity for AAD staff to provide face-to-face updates about projects, events and process or system changes, as well as to attend and network over refreshments. Approximately 100 staff members attend each Briefing. To participate in an upcoming event, contact the AAD Communications Office to discuss your presentation topic.

Targeted emails

Our integrated internal staff communications strategy is focused on creating the right message, delivered using the right channel, at the right time, for maximum effectiveness. In this email overload world we may still recommend email as the best channel – but always targeted!  Contact the AAD Communications Office to discuss targeted emails to members of staff across the collegiate University.

Get involved with the UAS Conference

This biannual event is a full-day programme of talks, workshops, tours and information stands for staff across the collegiate University who work in administrative and support roles, as well as academics and researchers who would like to learn more about the University’s administrative functions.

Regularly attended by c 800 delegates, the UAS Conference is an opportunity to present your team’s work and engage with a wide audience. Contact the UAS Conference team to discuss getting involved with the UAS Conference. View upcoming Conferences.

Learn more about the University – the UAS Induction Programme

A half-day event for new University administrative staff, providing an introduction to the University’s structure, history and central services. With c 250 attendees a year, the UAS Induction Programme is a great way for new staff to become acquainted with the University environment including meeting representatives from a variety of UAS sections and networking with colleagues. Staff joining a UAS section or a division, department or faculty in an administration role will receive an invitation to attend the UAS Induction.

Create engaging staff publications

The AAD Communications team publishes the ‘An Introduction to the UAS’ publication.  We are here to advise on the production of print materials, including guidance on timing, content, format and layout, or simply as a copy-editing or proof reading service. We may also be able to secure you access to the Oxford University Press Gift in Kind print funding.

Do you need student- or Oxford-related images for your publication? The AAD Communications Office has a subscription to the University of Oxford Image Library that can be used for AAD materials. Contact us to discuss your image needs.