Merton College

Merton College covers three sites: Merton College, Holywell Buildings and Merton Sports Ground

The Merton College main site is made up of six distinct areas: 

Front Quad, St Alban’s Quad, Fellows’ Quad, Mob Quad, Rose Lane, and the Grove Building.

Due to the age and mix of the buildings within the College, not all of them are fully accessible. 

Make sure you check the second page with more information on bedrooms, social and teaching spaces.

The good news is that you can get to most of the major areas.  There are plenty of accessible bedrooms.



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The College is located across three main sites: Merton College, Holywell Buildings, and Merton Sports Ground. Disabled parking is located at all three of the main sites.

Merton College (main site):

There are two car parks: one behind the Old Warden’s Lodgings, and the other adjacent to the South Lodge.  Both have barriers in operation, and so visitors need to report to the Porters’ Lodge to be granted access to the parking (01865 276310).

There is also disabled parking (Council operated) located in Oriel Square (four spaces in total).  Additionally, there are pay and display bays close to College (on Merton Street) where Blue Badge users can park free of charge.

Holywell Buildings:

Disabled parking is located just off Jowett Walk.  Regular users will be issued with a key fob that operates an automatic gate.  There is direct access from this car park to the rest of the site. There are pay and display bays on Jowett Walk, and Blue Badge users can park on double yellow lines for up to three hours on Holywell Street.

Merton Sports Ground:

There is ample parking adjacent to the Pavilion building.  Regular users will be issued with a key fob that operates an automatic gate.

City Council Disabled Parking Map (725kb)

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The main entrance to the College is on Merton Street via the large wooden gates (under the tower).  If the doors are closed, the Porters can open the main doors to allow level access to the Porters’ Lodge, and then Front Quad, Fellows’ Quad, St Alban’s Quad, Mob Quad, Grove Buildings, and (via the Fellows’ Garden) Rose Lane.   

Once in the College, there is level access between all the quads, the Chapel and the gardens and buildings beyond.  

The Merton site has several entrances. The Rose Lane end of the site (to the east) can be accessed through the North Lodge gate or the Mure Arch gate by students and staff with key fob access.

The Fellows’ Garden can be accessed from within the main site pending the Garden Gate being open. Otherwise it is accessed via a narrow and steep set of steps. For guarenteed level access there is a route also through a doorway (the ‘late gate’) off Merton Street and down and a ramp into the grounds.  Again, key fob access is required.

Regular users and disabled visitors to the College will be issued with a key fob that operates the power doors.  These doors are located in St Alban’s (for access to the JCR) and Mob Library.  In addition, the accessible rooms in Grove 2, Mob 2.5 (both on the main site), and in Block B on the Holywell site, each contain power doors.

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Accessible toilets

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There is an accessible toilet located on the Fitzjames Staircase in Front Quad. The doorway is located in the far left corner as you pass through the Porters’ Lodge. Pass through the wooden door then on the left-hand side is a small toilet complex and the accessible WC is located directly in front of you.

At the eastern end of the college site there is also an accessible toilet located adjacent to the TS Eliot Theatre. When in the lobby area and facing the theatre, there is a suite of rooms on the left-hand side.  Pass through the doorway and the accessible toilet is located immediately on the right hand side.

There are also fully accessible private toilets located in the en-suites in both fully-accessible and adapted rooms, in Grove 2 (main site) and Block B (Holywell buildings) and an accessible en suite in the Leonard Cheshire room in Mob Quad (main site).


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hearing loop

Hearing support system

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There is a hearing support system (a loop system) in the TS Eliot Theatre and one in the College Chapel, which is used for services.  The College has recently installed a fixed loop at the Lodge, and hopes to provide a portable loop for other teaching spaces shortly.



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There are four lifts on site: Front Quad, the TS Eliot Theatre, in the Finlay Building, and St Alban’s.

The only lift in the older section of the main site takes those with mobility impairments from Front Quad up to the Dining Hall and the complex of rooms beyond. It is located to the right hand side of the Dining Hall entrance.

The second lift grants access to the rear of the TS Eliot Theatre and the complex of seminar rooms on the first floor of South Lodge.  

The third lift is located in the Finlay Building which houses some of the administrative offices of the College. It is located adjacent to the stairs and accesses all floors.

The fourth lift is a stairlift to access the JCR.  This lift is key operated and users will need to be escorted by a member of staff.  If you have specific requirements please contact the Porters’ Lodge on 01865 276310.

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opening hours

Opening hours

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The Porters’ Lodge is staffed 24 hours a day.  The Porters can be contacted on 01865 276310.


Inaccessible areas

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Merton has an extensive site with many accessible facilities.  However, the areas listed below are currently inaccessible.  The College will put in to place measures to bring the services to you if you cannot access them.

Front Quad:

Staircases 1-4

Seminar rooms: Breakfast Room, Americas Room (Fitzjames 2)


Fellows’ Quad:

Staircases 1-5

Seminar rooms: Hawkins Room

St Alban’s Quad:

Staircases 1-5

Mob Quad:

Staircases 1-5

Upper ranges of the Library

Grove Building:

Grove 1 (Nurse’s Surgery - used once weekly by College GP)

Grove 2 beyond ground floor

Rose Lane:

Rose Lane 1-4

Music room

20-22 Merton Street

Warden’s Lodgings

Holywell Buildings:

Block A, B,and C beyond ground floor

1-7 Holywell Street beyond ground floor

Sports Pavillion:

First floor facilities

Squash courts

Old Warden’s Lodgings:

Floors 1,2, 3 and 4


Front Quad

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This Quad contains:

Staircases 1-5



Seminar rooms: John Roberts Room (Fitzjames 1), Americas Room (Fitzjames 2), Breakfast Room

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St Alban's Quad

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This Quad contains:

Staircases 1-5



Laundry Rooms

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Fellows' Quad

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This Quad contains:

Staircase 1-5

Seminar rooms: Hawkins Rooms

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Mob Quad

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This Quad contains:

Staircases 1-5



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Rose Lane

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This Quad contains:

Staircases 1-5

TS Eliot Lecture Theatre

Seminar rooms: Sir Howard Stringer Room, David Harvey Room, Ian Taylor Room, John Moussouris Room (all contained in the TS Eliot Theatre Complex) and the Mure Room


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Grove Building

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This Quad contains:

Grove 1 & 2

Nurse’s Surgery

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At a glance

On-site disabled parking spaces 2
Parking nearby (within 200m) Pay and Display
Main entrance Level
Door entry Manual
Direct contact to reception Yes
Number of floors 4
Accessible toilets 2
Lift to all floors No
Hearing support system Yes